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Saturday, November 10, 2012


 So, I told you I've been cleaning out our old house with the help of my nephew.  I haven't even posted on the Hilltop Farm blog much, but I'm going to try to do that sometime this weekend.  We have made a few updates, but mostly been trying to settle in.  
 Let me say it's so nice to have someone tall around to help when you've moved all ladders to the new house!  The other day when he left, I stayed behind to clean a few areas upstairs, and I felt moisture in my eyes.  Crap - are those tears....again.
 I am moving into a beautiful home that we are building ourselves and I really do feel blessed. I do.
But this house, in town, in a wonderful neighborhood, where the neighbors are like family, is going to be missed.  This was our bedroom.  It is empty now.
 This house has so many nooks and crannys and secret hideouts!  It's a cape cod style home built in the 1940's.  My nephew said it was amazing how they used every single area of the house.  Nothing went to waste. I could go an a rant here, about how in the 40's things didn't go to waste like they do now, in this throw away society of ours....but I won't.  You see, at 54 when your hormones rage, they don't just rage, they RAGE!  If I start ranting I might not stop.
 I reckon I shoulda picked up the rug I rolled up and put away the sweeper cord before I took this picture, but I wasn't planning on sharing them.  I was just snapping a few pics of the upstairs.  So many stories about this house.
We bought it from the original owners. They built the house.  We still have neighbors that built their house, when this one was built, and they still live in their homes.  They are in their 90s.   From our bedroom, you can see in the bedroom across the hall.  When one of my nieces spends the night I always have to sleep with her.  We go to bed with books and flashlights and read.  One time she was shining her flashlight in the other bedroom on my Shug.  He got up and closed the door.  As she tried very hard to position her flashlight, she said, "I think....I can still do it....yup! look Aunt Cindy."  In the crack in the door she shined the light in his room.  I don't probably had to be there but it was funny. Anyway, I love this house.
And I'm feeling bittersweet these days.....or maybe a bit hormonal.
Not to worry, it'll about 5 minutes....just like Indiana weather!  
See just did!

Cindy Bee

PS - I think my computer is a peri-menopausal female.  It only works when it wants to and then goes off on it's own!   geeeeeeesh


  1. OK first things first is you very handsome nephew single (NO not for me) I have a beautiful single daughter:) I know that made you smile.
    I know how this must hurt but you are going to have all this again with new neighbours and you can still go have a tea with the ld ones. I do that all the time (I hope they like it, I do it anyways) another smile good.
    I think all those memories are going to get you through this transition not so sure about the perimenopause that truly sucks, lots of kleenex, and avoid stress YUP I cannot believe I said that either. You will make it in 5 years you will reach menopause it is sooooo much nicer (you know I am kidding don't you).
    So in all seriousness cry if you have too and just know this is going to work out great.
    Don't forget to tell me about your Nephew seriously :) another smile there you go my work here is done. HUGS HUGS B

  2. Cindy Bee,
    I don't think you are being hormonal.....a big life event like moving is an emotional thing. If you weren't sad, excited, or melancholy I would be worried about you.

    enjoy the ride....take it all in....because it will be different before you know it! ;)


  3. Moving is stressful (I know the well!) ... moving from somewhere you've lived a long time and have a huge attachment to must be even more so (no personal experience of this - we're never anywhere long enough!)... not to mention the stresses of building your own place. I think you're allowed some nostalgia and some tears!


  4. Cindy, My heart is happy and sad for you...because when I moved from my house in town..I had lived there 35 killed me. I would walk to the end of the drive out here, I could see the courthouse and knew I was still in my hometown. But I cried for a solid month. I still miss that house. This one has good qualities, but I miss where I raised my daughters . Going thru hormonal changes and moving, will be rough on you honey. Just get hugs form your friends and your shug to keep yourself going. xoxo, Susie


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