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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free Laptop!!!!

My shug has been siding our house (for like three years). See those back two windows? Those are my kitchen windows...that very back section is a new room we added on a few years ago. That is the 'normal' height of a one story house. Those are 8 foot ladders.

So, tonight I was talking to my cousin, Vickie, on the phone. My shug came in and said, "just let me talk to you for one minute." I asked Vickie to hold on. Then I told her I had to go. You see.....My shug announced that the siding was done, and that if I would climb to the top of the house, like he had been doing all night, he'd buy me a laptop! Of course, he didn't think I'd do it!

The ladder was a bit wobbly....and he thought I'd chicken out. The higher I got the more wobbly it got...but jeez loueez a laptop....

See you at Big Ben Coffee Shop, Panera, or Starbucks...with my new laptop...downloading pics to my blog. Well, I can't use it at home, we're still on dial-up! But hey Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! I'm getting a laptop!! I'll be the one with the pink Very Bradley laptop bag, until I make myself a funky felted one this winter....hmmmm, I'll have to think of what I want on my new laptop bag...maybe bees.......or my bee lady.....or a bee skep..........

And,the other news of the day, I had a hot flash today.
Third one in my life.
Did I mention I hate peri-menopause?
Well, I'm telling ya again...I hate it.
But I'm gonna love my new laptop!



  1. Congrats, I'd have walked on the roof if I had that chance,lol, I love my are gonna love it. Hot flashes and peri-menopause, not fun,
    I take Elavil for spastic colon and it controls my hot flashes..I'm almost 2 years into this change and I don't like how everything is a changin...I want the old me back!!! Sometimes I'd rather just have 2 or 3 days a month of not feeling so good, not 2 or 3 days a month that I might actually feel kinda good! I know there is a new me out there somewhere!!

    I say bumble bee yellow laptop, I wonder if they will ever make laptops in cool shapes??Shaped like a bee,,,cool!

    Hope to see you at stitch night this week!!


  2. Girl a challenge is a challenge and you did it. Way to go ....see you in the wifi coffee bar ...T.H. and I hang out at Paneras once in awhile...perhaps we will see u there. I gotta say ...I dont know if I would have climbed up on that damn ladder, but heres to ya

  3. Way to go Cindy! I'm proud of you. Can't wait to see the new laptop!

  4. Hey brave lady! Actually when we go to Cayo in July we tell everyone that "we're going to hell." It is just so hot. Thankfully the beach is seconds away so it's easy to take a quick dip. Thanks for stopping Sweet Bee!

  5. Hahaha!! I love it! Good for you Cindy. :) What kind of laptop are you going to get?


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