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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Granny Stripe Blanket

TA DAAA! It's done. This is a picture of it right before I had the border completely finished, but I never got it posted until now.

I couldn't decide how to do the border. I'm a beginner crocheter. I did one thing in high school, and that was it. I didn't want to get too complicated with the border, plus I'm in love with this granny stripe stitch. So easy. I was thinking of not even adding a border.

But I did. I just did more granny stripe stitches as the border. And, I was going to use the three main bluish colors, but I couldn't find enough of the darker one, so I just used the two lighter colors. If I ever come across the third color, I could always add it on later.

For the last row, I just made a double crochet in every hole. Make sense? It was the easiest thing I could think of doing. The one thing I would have done differently was make it wider. Who knew?

I love the bright colors. They make me happy. Remember when I first started my husband didn't care for the colors and I got all worried, but then my blogger buddies said to keep on with it, that I would love it. Well I do. And I just love crocheting. So now, I'm making a blanket out of the colors that I showed you way back when......

Only I'm using white instead of one of the blues, and I call it my Sand and Sea blanket. The actual pattern is called Lakeside afghan and I found it on the Lion Brand website. I'm using a few more colors than they did, hence sand and sea and not lake!

Starting from the left end, the colors of sand, moss, coral, sea, and whitecaps! What? I'm using my imagination here ok?

So I started on it. I mean the pattern says "easy." But on the second row, I came up short...twice. AUGH. So, I took it to my Granny Bee stitchery group. We have a lady in there that is a crochet expert. And as I was reading the pattern to her, it hit me what I was doing wrong! Just like that. I think crochet patterns are weird and I think sometimes it helps to explain it out loud. So I'm crocheting along....and dammittohell (my Dad says that).......

I came up short again! And I could not figure out what I did wrong.....
AAAUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I think I ripped it out three times before....

I figured it out! aaaahhhhhhhhhhh....see the waves.....I feel like I'm on the ocean already.....I got a great idea! I should GO to the ocean to make this afghan.....I'm loving it!


  1. Oh it is like a ripple stitch I have not made one in years. I use to make a couple of afgans a year now only every few years. I love your granny stripe if I did not have so many projects started I might start one. Have to wait on it. I am the opposite I just learned to knit a few months ago. I just bought some needles..round? to make a shawl for my friend of 30 years for her birthday the day after Christmas. I need to cast on soon and get started. Its the casting on that I forget how to do.

  2. Hi Cindy, the granny stripe turned out great! I love the happy colors. Enjoy your week....

  3. Cindy, that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Hey, I just posted this on Facebook. If you want one (or some) just let me know:

    REUSE & RE-PURPOSE: FREE! Make a tree tire swing for your kids! Use it as a planter! We have several semi truck tires that you can have. Email me or see me at work. FREE!


  4. Oh Cindy Bee...Me and Scribe are going to Paneras on Thursday...prob. around 4pm or so...If your feeling up to it bring Roofus and meet us there

  5. Hi Brenda,

    I'm sure someone can show you how to cast on. I only know one way, and that's where you kind of start to knit, but then instead of pulling the stitch off of the needle, slide the stitch to the needle in your left hand. I know - doesn't make sense. But get started on that shawl now so it'll be done by her Birthday. AND be sure to show it to us on your blog!

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks, and you enjoy your week too.

    I asked Dave. He said, "naaaah, he's going to make a rope swing someday but use wood for the bench. We'll see! Thanks for asking though, I appreciate it.


    I'm going to try to make it, but I will not be there at 4:00. I watch two boys. I pick one of them up at 4:00 from track, and their Mom usually gets here between 4:30 - 5:00. So, start looking for me around 5:00ish. Let me know if you two end up not going. If you need to leave before I show up though, don't worry about it. Thanks for the invite. Roofus thanks you too!


  6. Wear a mysterious pair of shades or a flashy scarf so we will know its you

  7. Your finished blanket looks amazing, I just love it and good on you for mastering the ripple! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping to be able too sometime soon - when I finish all my other stuff ofcourse :)

  8. I love your granny stripe blanket, the colors are cheerful, making it look modern.
    As a beginner I've just mastered making small granny squares and have just sewed a whole lot of bright colored squares together to make a nook cover for my boyfriend as covers/protectors cost a fortune in the shops. My mom liked Alan's cover so much that she wanted a cover for her new Tracfone LG800G smart prepaid phone (cost $50)with a large touch screen. Her last touch screen phone fell on the asphalt as she got out the car and the screen smashed. Maybe it was a good thing because now using Tracfone's prepaid plans she only pays $7/month for service.
    I now have a lot of orders for ipad, nook and cell phone covers as gifts for family and friends, it's nice to make something that is appreciated and admired by others and the great thing is that it doesn't cost much.


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