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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Laptop! Apple Walnut Delight!

I know what you're thinking, what do apples have to do with a new laptop? I'll tell ya what! Grab a cup of tea, or a latte' cause I'm playing around on my new laptop right now, and I'm gonna babble!

On our land we have this old, old apple tree that we do nothing with, but we do get apples from it every other year. (Thank you honey bees) I went there last week and picked a big basketful of apples.

They look bad on the outside because we do not spray them, but when you peel them.....

this is what you get. I've been wanting to make Apple Walnut Delight. I first learned of this recipe two years ago from The City Farm Girl's Blog from Mary Jane's Farm website. And it takes a lot of chopping.

So, I got my new laptop out and set it up in the dining room. I fixed myself a latte'. I got everything ready and popped a movie in my new laptop and watched it while I chopped.

(This is so cool and I was so excited I wanted to scream with excitement. But the effect seems lost when no one is around to hear you!)

chopping, chopping, chopping......You have to chop 12 cups of little teeny pieces, but it is so worth it. This recipe is yummy. I add it to my REAL oatmeal (that doesn't take that long to cook-so stop eating that instant crap people!)

Doesn't Meryl Streep look so young in this movie. It's called Dancing in Lughnasa. It's about five sisters who live in Rural Ireland in 1936. Most definitely a chick flick. (Peggy you'd probably like it!)

I was all excited and started snapping pics of my computer, then realized you can see reflections in the screen, along with the movie. See my granny striped blankey (in our dining room) below the kite to the right? The kite is in the movie. I'll be posting pics of the blankey soon. I've finished it and started another one! I love crocheting. Who knew?

Still chopping.
OK - I did take a break for awhile and went to Mom & Dad's new condo. You see, they just got moved into their condo, and the very day they finished moving, they received a call from my cousin Mark. His Dad, My Mom's brother, was dying. My Uncle lived in Texas, so my parents took off for Texas. They were in their condo for one day before they had to leave, but thank goodness they left. All of my Mom's brothers made it to Texas Wednesday night, and Uncle Bud passed away Thursday morning. So, in the middle of chopping, I took a break and went to their condo to drop off some bacon, tomatoes, biscuits, hook-up their t.v. and get their mail and newspapers from the neighbor lady, so they could relax a bit when they got home. They have had a lot of stress lately. They got home safely Sunday night.
Anyway, you can see the latte' has been replaced with wine and the Dancing movie has been replaced with The Notebook. Another chick flick. Have you seen it? Well watch it, it is GOOD. And who doesn't love what's his name. My Sister has a picture of her and him together. He was at the Indy 500 the same time she was. It's coming to me........James.......Hmmm, wonder if she'd send me that pic, via e-mail, so I could post it on the blog. What do you think Sister? Will you send it? Please.
So since I am rambling on this post, and changing my train of thought, I'm going to ramble a bit longer. Here's why. The movie The Notebook is another one that I own. I have watched it several times. It is about TRUE love. And we have true love right on our land. We have these two geese, they are not pets, but they are no longer afraid of us. One of them has a broken wing and they stay together on our land the entire year. They never leave each other. My husband says geese mate for life. Us humans should take a lesson from them! Anyway, we named them Noah and Alley. Watch the movie. So back to Apple Walnut Delight. Here it is in the pot.

Cooking to a jelly-like consistency, which takes longer than I remember, but still...Yum.

And here it is after I processed it.
I will post the recipe after I go home and find it on my home computer. I'm at Panera right now (so cool-snicker snicker), and I don't have much on this computer and I can't find it on the archives of Mary Jane's Farm. It's yummy on oatmeal I tell ya.
PS - Garner. James Garner.
PSS - My laptop needs a name. Any ideas?


  1. lol...geesh! Cindy Bee....So cool ....Hangin out at Paneras...Hey the next time Scribe and I go we will maybe we will meet you there.......You and Roofus(laptop name) can meet us

  2. Hi Cindy! I have made that same recipe so I can vouch for you that it is wonderful. I think I found it on the City Farmgirl's site a couple of falls ago. Was sorry to hear about your uncle. I look forward to seeing your finished afghan. I actually got a post done this evening and it includes a link to another really good recipe. Have a great weekend!

  3. ROOFUS!!!! ha ha ha I LOVE IT! I was cracking up when I read that. Hilarious! No wonder HE wouldn't fit in my pink Vera bag. Hey, Roofus and I would love to meet you and your Scribe sometime....maybe she could help me jazz up my blog?

    Brenda - Gonna check out that recipe. Glad you got a post done. I have missed your blog. I'm getting ready to visit with my Sister for awhile at Hacienda (local Mexican restaurant) but I will check it out tomorrow.



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