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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tree Toppin'

The reason you would do THIS
to a tree is....
a) You want to see the tree die a slow death.
b) You enjoy picking up sticks.
c) You want the entire neighborhood to know you are ignorant when it comes to arbor care.
d) You felt sorry for the guy who came through the neighborhood with a chain saw and a pick-up truck, and wanted to give him some work.

All of the above are correct answers!

a) It might take a few years, but topping trees usually kills them slowly. You open the limbs up for disease and fungus. What was once a majestic, beautiful tree now looks pathetic.

b) What was once huge, strong, beautiful limbs are now going to grow back into tiny little twiglets. They will be flimsy and you'll be picking plenty of them up all over the lawn every time you get a storm because you've weakened the limbs.

c) They know it now.
d) The latest news says the economy is picking up. Don't feel sorry for guys in trucks with chain saws. They know nothing about trees. Hire an arborist, who had to get some education concerning trees before they "trim" them. They need work too. Don't be an idiot and DON'T TOP TREES. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR THEM.



  1. Eeeks! That's awful. :( Hopefully others will learn from this.

  2. Amen....But...The economy aint picking up,and that tree might have to be cut down for kindling to heat a kidding...not. I do hate when I see a tree chopped like this...It makes my heart hurt when I see and hear them chopping at them.


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