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Monday, August 9, 2010


Can you believe my parents are selling this?
Have you ever went to your parents house, and saw a "For Sale" sign in front of their house? A for sale sign in front of a house that they lived in for 31 years? And you knew nothing about it, until you saw the sign!
Well it happened to me a few weeks ago.
And that....was this....which they actually did put in their moving sale, so technically they are selling it,
but this is what I saw. UNBELIEVABLE!
And here is the really unbelievable part. They sold it in one week. In the city with the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the nation. Some lady happened to be walking by, saw the sign, made an appointment to see the house, then made an offer. So my parents decided to move to a condo, made an offer, and it was accepted. All within a two week time frame.
We got together for one last family picture in front of the house. And they had us go through their stuff. Do you know how weird it is going through your parents stuff, when they are there? It's weird. But they weren't going to have room in the condo because it's smaller. When we finally adjusted to going through their stuff, we started taking EVERYTHING and had Mom running around saying, "nooo NOOO you can't take that!"
I took this. Dad said if I was going to take it, I had to know the history behind it. It was what he put his clothes "and stuff" in when he got out of the army in 1956, which made it more special. I could not put my clothes and stuff in this even for a weekend. It wouldn't fit. I have too much stuff. Including an old suitcase collection that I will show you sometime. Anyway, I can't believe they saved it all those years because our Mom does not save anything!

I also took this. No history, just southern cute. I also took a few yard ornaments, cement statuary type stuff.
Then came the moving sale. (way back on the table you can see my granny stripe blankey. I worked in it during the slow times)

Christy stopped by the sale to chat for awhile and tried to help Mom get a chipmunk out of the garage. No luck. The chipmunk went under a shelving unit and stayed there until the sale was over.
I got bored and decided to try on curtains! I was going to wear it as a shawl but Mom said, "no way am I giving that to you. Every time I see it on you I'll think....she's wearing a curtain." Well, it would have made a lovely curtain, but when I came back from running an errand, they had everything cleaned up and out of there. If I wanted anything I would have to go to Goodwill and get it!
And this is Mom in what I think would have made a lovely gift for a fisherman. An apron, oven mitt, and four fishing books. The whole thing would have been less than 10.00! I don't think it sold.
Good thing I snagged these gardening books before they were taken away. I held them out in case the Master Gardeners want them.

Mom and Dad seem pretty happy creating all of this chaos for everyone!!! Hey, I wanted that coffee carafe' doggone it!


  1. Hi Cindy. What exciting news for your parents. That was wonderful that they sold and bought something so quickly. Please give them our best wishes!

  2. Cindy,
    That would be difficult to see, but it looks like everything is working out so well for your parents. I bet the memory pool has been flooded over the past few days. I could just tell by your photos that it has been both a sad and happy event in all of your lives. We think its hard, I bet it was really hard for your parents, thankfully you were all there helping them through this. I bet they are very excited about their new homestead. More fun and play and less work!!!! I'm all for that. Thanks for sharing, wish I would have known about the sale, I'd have sure been there!

  3. What a great time, great memories... and a great blog post! Loved reading about this great milestone... another chapter in their journey. Love that.

  4. Wow! I can't imagine driving up to my parents house and seeing a sign like that! What a whirlwind. I'm so glad that they sold it so quickly. They look like a lot of fun. : < > How's the bees?

  5. Hi Linda - I think it was a mixed blessing that they bought and sold so quickly. They barely have had time to think about it. I love the place they moved to, but I hope they don't get too bored. They are very active people.

    Crafty Crow - I started to tell y'all about the sale, but my parents were giving stuff away before the sale to anyone who stopped by. So, by the time the sale came, a lot of the "good stuff" was already gone! And yes the memory pool was flooded, but in the last few years 'us kids' have been having the 'celebrations' at our homes, so hopefully we are creating new memories. I didn't live in that house too long, as I was 21 when we moved there.

    Taking Heart - After reading your comment it reminded me of something my Dad said. He said something like...."We are beginning the final chapter of our lives in a new place."

    Jayme - It was a shock. They've talked about moving for about 20 years! We never thought they'd really do it. I don't really think they thought they would either. They said, "we thought we'd put it up for sale and see what happens. We don't really care if it sells or not." The bees.....they are doing well. Thanks for asking. I have two posts ready to go, trying to decide which one. I think the bees just won out!

    Thanks all of your for your comments. I love hearing from you. I've obviously been busy lately, but I do think of y'all. Blogging is so fun.



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