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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coffee Therapy

I had Coffee Therapy yesterday with Scribe and RJ (see blogs in my side bar) and the following is what I learned:

John Denver has a good acoustic guitar cd that he made right before he died that most people don't know about.

When someone writes something down on a napkin and hands it to you, do not read..."the lady in line is a nose picker" out loud. Apparently it was written, rather than said, for a reason.

The Scribe gets a lot of gifts from Granny Bees. I do not. RJ doesn't either.
(ahem...someone gave her Mr. Drummond...someone else gave her a basket of other stuff...whatev)

Do not call someone telling them you want a key fob crochet hook right now, because
a) they could be in E.R. being treated for something serious or
b) they might question you as to why they weren't invited for coffee therapy or
c) all of the above

There's a difference between friends and blogger friends. Do not confuse the two.

When your husband calls and asks you to pick something up on the way home, do not write it down on the napkin you are using at the time, because the busboy will throw it away, and you will forget the errand.

Talk quiet in public places. Laugh quiet too.

I have good i.v. veins and there is no reason a nurse could not hit one of them. (See hand pic in previous post)

I do not read between the lines very well and choose to live in my sugar coated world whenever possible.

You need two desserts and no lunch if you are menstruating!

My laptop sucks because I have not changed it to where you do not have to left click the mouse. (eye roll - it's MY laptop)

Some of us prefer phones that you push buttons on rather than swipe the screen.

RJ's got a purse addiction worse than me.

Everyone's got their 'thing' in life. If you're feelings have been hurt, and all of ours have, get over it, move on, and live life. Buy yarn. Pray. (I did both today)

RJ and I are still laughing...a lot... over this incident. And we rehashed the entire event, but apparently you had to be there, or maybe you're just a tiny envious.

You can buy three BIG skeins of cotton yarn at Hobby Lobby for less than $15.00 if you use the 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper.

I love the soap in the bathroom at Panera. It's Jergins. I can smell it. My Mom used it when I was a kid. Do they still sell it?

It is important to attend your child's plays, performances, games, etc.

We can disagree and still be frends.

The most important thing I learned. You can be in a crummy mood, and get together with good friends, good coffee, and laugh, and have fun, and leave happy. So do it!

Cindy Bee


  1. Hey I was at Panera in Kokomo yesterday too!
    Except I daresay we {M & myself} had a much calmer time :)!

  2. Don't feel bad I don't get gifts from the bees either. I bet everyone watches u guys bcuz you can't stop SNORTING!!! So glad you had fun =o}

  3. You betcha!!! Sounds like you all hashed around lots of stuff...isn't coffee fantastic!!!

  4. Cindy Bee .........why dont we get ....stuff too?
    Hey..nevermind ....i got some gravey once....

  5. I will start your IV (one stick) any day and YOU KNOW IT... lol... just as you promise to get good medical care if you need it... (not that I can talk... I am terrified of IM injections...)

    I'm going to pretend I know who John Denver is.

    Hey... now one of those Granny Bees is like a second mother to me... and she has been hand crafting items for me longer than you knew what a slip knot is... Mr. Drummond was born with me in mind... hahaha...

    Bee Lady & RJ... you both really lifted my spirits the other day... thank you for that.

    Please don't forget to pray for one of my besties... surgery is today.

    Hmmmm... what else? I will also pretend that I am not bothered by you alls bonding moment at my moms whilst stitching in the middle of a downpour...

  6. alee - you were at Panera and didn't call me? I live five minutes from there! I'm serious. I was probably already there! Did you hear some laughter coming from the booth area? That'd have been us.

    gpp- Truth is...I don't want to get the gift thing started, but it's fun to tease about it. If I had to make/exchange gifts for all of those GB's I'd never have time for coffee therapy!

    Ronda - Yes, coffee...and good's a good thing!

    RJ - see response to gpp. And I used to make biscuits and gravy when I was married to my ex that I could make it with my eyes closed. One time I did. I'm serious!

    Scribe - You're a sweetie. I am hoping to forego the I.V. thing for a loooooooong time. You both lifted my spirits too. Keep us posted on your friend. And we will pretend we are not bothered by all of your gifts! (I'm kidding-I'm really not bothered by it. I have too much stuff remember)

    Note to all. Lordy you all must stay up all night! I wrote that at 11:30 last night, which I NEVER stay up that late, but I had a late latte' and this morning I have comments. I bet every last one of you are asleep right now too. I should give you all a call (snicker snicker)

    Cindy Bee

  7. I love this! I agree to it all. Especially the last few.
    Funny I just read RJ's post (out loud to my daughter) and I told her one day this summer I am going to Kokomo to meet up w/ RJ & hopefully a couple of other blog friends. Please keep me in mind for a coffee at Panera's in the future!
    Love to you Cindy Bee, & have a lovely weekend♥

  8. You always crack me up Cindy Bee... and I agree with all especially the coffee and good friends.
    Hope to see you soon, I am getting ready for Tipton.
    Blessings today

  9. So true so true. Crummy mood, good friends, laugh and laugh and maybe the occasional tear. Great post. Cheer up.You have fantastic friends

  10. Well I have not been in a crummy mood but I would love to take time off and have coffee with friends! We have Panera's in the GR area and that is where I meet one of my friends when i drive into the city. The one we go to though is always so busy it is hard to even find a table. Sounds like you had a good time.

  11. Forgot to say I am taking a break from digging the other side of the border to share an apple with the Bug. Needed to get out of the sun for a bit. Again I was hoping for some rain so I could stay in. Maybe tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

  12. Aw, Cindy Bee I'm jealous you have such good friends. I'm like that more with one particular sister. We can talk for hours about nothing. Cool stuff.
    Thanks for all the tips too!


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