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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last stop!

The last stop was Benedict's Nursery in Nappanee, IN

This is a family owned business and they specialize in Hypertufa troughs, Sand beds, and Alpine plants.

Now this is a fairy garden!

Close ups...

She had smaller fairy gardens as well, in the hypertufa troughs

And I loved this. It looks like a 'sea' garden in a tackle box.

Itty bitty hypertufa troughs and itty bitty plants.

The owner gave us the 'recipe' for hypertufa troughs which sounds harder than it is, according to her. I think she gives classes though.

It was a long day but there you have it. An entire list of garden places to visit in Northern Indiana. If you are planning a trip that way, I would recommend ordering the travel guide from Amish and check out

Benedict's Nursery

5623 W 1300 N

Nappannee, IN 46550


This bus trip was through Imperial Travel out of Lafayette, IN. And no I don't get any kick-back from any of this. I just wanted to share my garden trip with you!

Cindy Bee


  1. Leaving a comment on my own blog to see if word verifiction is back on. Sorry peeps, but I got a spam comment on a couple of posts and I was told I should turn it back on.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Just look at all the ideas you have found. What a fun trip this was.

    I turn mine on and off all the time. I think certain tag/keywords trip the spammers more quickly. I also have mine set so after 24 hours I get an email alert to a comment and have to accept at the point, which I can eliminate lots of the spammers. Good luck.

  3. Hmmm..I like that little fairy garden...Much smaller than any gnome house that i have seen, for sure. When you gonna put pics of that cutey patutey baby deer on here...I hope he is ok.

  4. Cindy these were just lovely, thanks for the info. What a treat
    Have a great week


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