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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scribe going private

My friend The Scribe is going to an invitation only blog. Check it out here. And make sure you let her know you'd like to be included in her invitation list, if you want to be able to check out her blog.

I am not going private.

Cindy Bee


  1. RJ went private, too! GASP!

    Here's a wrap-up of my last post... in case anyone wants to inbox me for an invite...

    "It may appear that my reasons for making this blog less public are due to some controversial Blog Land dramatics... but really it was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I have been dwindling for a while now. When something becomes a chore... it's either time to recreate and reinvent... or move on.

    And that is my fast approaching cross road.

    ... it may appear I took down this space from the public view hastily... with my tale between my legs... but in all fairness... I just want the option of being vulnerable. But we all know... these days nothing is sacred and vulnerability is always in danger on the internet...

    So.. thank you for hanging... for being nice and kind and adoring! hehe... Just always know that I love Jesus. And still I'm a cheeky, sarcastic... dry... emotional... funny... melting pot of a person... but I do take it to heart. I can't help it. My skin isn't as tough as most... but I gotta be ME.

    No hard feelings to anyone... really I do mean that. "

    Peace out,

  2. OM, woke up this morning and 2 of my fave blogs gone private... ouch.. what can I do??? I love RJ and Scribe, its part of my morning routine,, coffee,and blogs.. always read my fave's first those are my get a good start to the day...Please Cindy your not going private too are you?? anyhow I don't know RJ or Scribe that long so I don't guess I will continue to be part of their readers.. Will miss them both..Hugs to you my Bee lady friend....Birgit

  3. Sorry these ladies had issues. I followed both.

  4. Glad youre not going private cindy bee.


  5. So i sent you out an invite to my blog, blogette.
    I would like you to come and visit....


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