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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden Trip - Stops 2 & 3

The next stop was Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart

This garden was the original site that supplied drinking water for the community in the 1800's.

Now it supplies drinking water to fish, swans, geese, ducks, turtles and other wildlife.

The city is turning it into a beautiful garden for visitors.

It's open to the public and from what I can tell, it's free.

It doesn't take very long to walk through. About a half an hour.

And the paths are easy to walk and well laid out.

Yup, another quilt garden at Wellfield Botanic Gardens.

The next stop was Linton's Enchanted Gardens, and I have to tell you this was the most disappointing part of the trip. Not because of Linton's, but because they only gave us 20 minutes at this place! Are you kidding me?

Linton's is HUGE. I could have spent most of the day there. What you are looking at in these pics is a tiny portion of the gift shop! 20 minutes?

It took 20 minutes to get off the bus and stand in line for the restroom!

It's definitely worth a trip back up there just to go to Linton's.

This was taken from the bus as we drove by. It's part of the Enchanted garden. I didn't even get to go to greenhouse or the Enchanted garden.

The map for Linton's has 39 points of interest. I'll go back someday.

If you can only check out one website that I give you, check out this one. I am so ticked! They even had a petting zoo and I didn't know it!

Check it out at

and check out Wellfield Botanic Gardens at

Cindy Bee


  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks like a great time!

  2. Thanks for posting the links. I might want to visit that Enchanted Garden spot myself.

  3. I'm like you, I need time, lots of time to see new places especially when gardens are included! You must go back sometime. I am glad you got to have a tea today, that is always a special treat. We have been getting rain everyday, after almost 3 weeks of hot and dry. How is your weather? Thanks for always stopping by!

  4. Cindy, Id be sorely disappointed too.

    They would have been better off not showing you it at all, than giving you a measly 20 minutes to tease you with, and then pull it away from you.

    Its like showing a kid a bag of sweets and then not letting them have them.


  5. I so would have wanted to see more. I am a browser by nature. I can move through at a decent pace but if I want to stop and take something in and there is no time I would probably be frowning. I also just looked at your last post. How many gardens did you see in all? I think I have picked up a flyer on the Linton's garden at the rest stop on 80/90 when I come to Indiana to visit. Not looking very promising this year by the way.

  6. Hi Nicki & Scribe. Yes it was fun. And the thing is, I have felt so stressed lately that I really didn't want to go. I'm so glad I did.

    Deb - plan a trip up there for a day or two and visit several of their gardens. It's worth it.

    Mrs C - our weather is rainy and last night it was cold out. This has been the worst year for us for weather. I feel so sorry for the farmers.

    Fi - I think they let us stay too long at the dime store and antique store. I really don't know why we stopped there as it wasn't on the itinerary as far as I know. I also think they went ahead and stopped at Lintons to get us to come back at another time. My parents have already went back up there!

    Brenda - I have one more garden to go. It was a long day. They made it worth the trip.

    Thanks for all of your comments.

    Mrs. C -


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