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Monday, June 6, 2011


When we took my niece home last Friday evening, we went to another downtown function, just not in our town. The Lions club put on a pork chop dinner. Yum.

They had entertainment like this...

and this...

They also had an art sale, and activities for the kids. But what I really enjoyed was visiting a house and garden in the older part of town. My Sister and her husband are friends with the people who live here.

Front of house

Back of house.
We saw them at the festival so they obviously weren't at home, but they told us to stop over and see their patio, that they were almost finished with it.


That is all old brick except for little pockets of soil here and there to put plants in. I love it.

LOVE I tell ya. It would be perfect for a courtyard for our house in the country. It would help define the back yard sitting area from the land surrounding the back.

And my Shug says we have enough bricks in our back yard to build one. Thing's the wrong back yard!

So guess what? I'm having a party and you are invited! It's a brick moving party! They are really a lot of fun. See, you form a line from this pile to the truck. And we move these bricks!

Then afterwards we can drink, tea, pop, beer...your choice!


Cindy Bee


  1. A" brick moving party"......hmmmmm...sounds like the "weed pulling my mom used to propose.....With promises of Kool Aid for the reward..

  2. Lol, seriously? I'll come to your brick moving party if you come to my garage painting party!

  3. Really?? Could be fun I guess. Can I sing "working on a chain gang"??

  4. lol...that would be long road trip for me. And I think you forgot to mention that trip from the truck to the new back yard line up. :o)

    I would if I could. xoxox

  5. HAHA great idea Cindy Bee. Ummmmm good luck ;)

    Hey how is the new bee hive?

  6. Ok I will be there. Looks like you had fun, mmm pork chops and entertainment.
    Have a great week don' work to hard. See you at that party. love you new pic. B

  7. Well looks like I have a couple of people who will attend thank you very much! I am not going to attend a garage painting party. Not after this...
    And yes anonymous, you can sing the chain gang song. If you want us to all join in, I'll have sheet music made up!

    Cindy Bee

  8. I will come if we move them to the back of my car for a ride to Michigan. I want bricks to edge the back flower border...??? Oh ok, you probably need them for a patio worse than I do for the border. HAve Fun!

  9. I must way that I have never, ever in 57 years on this earth been invited to a brick moving party! You are such a hoot! How are our bees doing this summer? It is so hot here!! I am going to the lake house soon, I will be looking for you!


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