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Monday, June 13, 2011

A groovy new toy!

Back in February, Rebekah decided she wanted to learn to play guitar. While I was reading that post on her blog, I thought....if she can do it, I can too! We're close to the same age. OK I might be a tad bit older!

Then, in April of this year, I went to a retirement dinner for these guys. I worked for them for almost 15 years.

A few minutes later I looked over and saw the one on the left playing the music for his own retirement dinner! I told him I never knew he could play and he said, "I just started taking lessons a few years ago."

"That's so cool!" I said.
If he can do it, I can too...I thought.

Then when I was garage sailing a couple of weeks ago, I found this book!

Dated 1970. I was in 7th grade at that time. It's the book I used when I first learned to play guitar in 8th grade. Was it a sign? Should I? I didn't.
I only took lessons for six months, so I don't remember anything about playing.

Then I talked to my Shug about it. He said, "rather than just take the money and get it, why don't you do some pawning. We watch pawn stars a lot! Get rid of some of the stuff you have that's just lying around." I thought that was a great idea. I have some jewelry that I do not wear, and some silver coins. Then I'd be trading something that's just sitting around collecting dust, for something that might, or might not, sit around.

But first, I thought I'd go downtown and talk to the people at the music store. When I put that guitar in my just felt good. Like it belonged there. Know what I mean?

One guitar was $315.00 and the other was $859.00. Of course, the one I wanted was $859.00. My brother in law decided not to sell his, btw. So many decisions. The sales guy was very nice and helpful, but I know absolutely nothing about guitars. He explained to me that I can buy the cheaper one now, and see if I like it. Then I can return it within a year and trade up, using the entire $315.00 in the trade! Not a bad deal.

So, I went home and went through my jewelry. I took it to a local store that buys jewelry for scrap. My friend was with me. They paid me $321.00 for a bracelet that I wasn't wearing. Was it a sign? I think it was! (My friend went back the next day with some of her jewelry!)
I bought the $315.00 guitar! Who knows if I did the right thing. It has steel strings and they hurt my fingers. I had to cut my nails. I am really bad at playing. REAL bad.

I also bought a couple of books and a tuner. I asked the sales guy how I tune it, since I don't have a piano? Back in 8th grade, my guitar teacher had a piano that we tuned it to. They have digital tuners now. Wow! I still need a strap but I was out of time to look. They have three racks!

This guitar is made in Canada by a family owned business, and they harvest the trees on their land to make the guitars, which I think is really groovy. I'm going to start saying groovy, far out, and peace!

Anyway, I'm practicing every day. And if I did the wrong thing by getting the steel string guitar, I can always trade up for a nylon string guitar. My fingers are getting calloused. They're used to yarn, not steel strings! And if it ends up sitting around, I'll put it in my closet. It's made out of cedar so it will at least keep the moths away!

Did I tell you how bad I sound?

I can't even play these songs. I will.
And when I get real good....

Sister...can you see this? It's the play list in one of the books I bought.

Look closer!

See it now! She's 11 years younger. Back when I was in 8th grade, I'd tell her to sing with me when I played. She knew Leaving on a Jet Plane at the age of three! It's kind of a joke now.

Some day you all might get your lighters out and start yelling FREE BIRD!!! (lol!)
And for anonymous blogger...I now have sheet music for the brick moving party! All in the same book, printed on recycled paper. Cool huh?

On another note...I found this at a garage sale the other day.

I told my Shug last night that I am now a Master Insulator , since I have my own tool belt! (I do all of the insulating in our new home) The staple gun, staples and scissors fit right in the belt. My husband saw it and said, "That is a sissy belt!"
"Uhhh really dear...have you forgotten?" Jeeesh
I feel like a true construction worker with this on!

Far out, man!
Cindy Bee

PS - Did you know you can click on the words in color, and they will take you to the post I am talking about in my post? Someone told me the other day they didn't know that, so I thought I'd share.


  1. LOVE your guitar! Jonah is taking lessons also! He goes on Saturdays downtown... and is learning on an electric base. He loves the Beatles and I think would also love your sheet music... Leavin on a Jet Plane is my fave...

    I love how whimsical you are... seriously...

    And btw... you are truely a good dear friend. Thank you for our morning online chats... and so glad we can sit in person and reconnect as well. You embrace life... and are fun and smart and witty... and a great listener. Thank you!!

    Enjoy your strumming!!!

  2. I just did the math.... we are that same age.... closing in on the double nickel. Then, I looked at that song list and I knew it for sure. H.S. class of 75? or pretty darn close. I knew you were a wise one and would still hang out with us crazy old birds.

    I forgot you weren't around my garden last summer. But, my dear friend, that is a clothes pin holder...silly me for not mentioning that.

    Here's the past link....

    I too play for about six monthes back in the 70s and then my mom said get back in the pool and swim that energy away. More power to you. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  3. I took piano lessons when I was a kid. I can remember where middle C is and that is probably about it. Have fun with your new hobby!

  4. Good on you Cindy!

    Im leaving on a jet plane..
    dont know when Ill be back again.. doo dah doo
    Oh, babe, I hate to go....doo doo doo wop wop

    I am a child of that era too,(as we are only 2 years apart)
    My sister used to play that on her guitar too.


  5. Cindy Bee,
    You are so dang energetic, curious and playful. Good for you picking up a new hobby AND getting rid of stuff you don't use to get the new stuff. Miss recycler guitar player lady.....sounds like a song you could make up! haha

    We had kissing contests to Free Bird in the 5th/6th grade. Me and Chet Walsh won! hahaha....memories!

  6. That's fantastic Cindy!

    A couple of months ago I bought my son a program where you teach yourself guitar on the computer. It's an eMedia something or other and came with a smaller guitar for him. I had once received a guitar signed by Vince Gill at a concert years ago so my son and I now play around with it. I'm sure I'm much worse than you BTW!! :) In fact I know I am as I only know how to play the G chord. :)

    I hope you have a ton of fun with your groovy new toy!!

  7. I think it's a wonderful thing to do, and all of those things definitely were signs that the Universe thinks so too.

    I've love to play the banjo. hee-hee. It sounds dumb to write that out. But I think it would be fun. I'm a pickin'! And I'm a grinnin'! Remember that from Hee-Haw? Ha-ha-ha.

  8. That last paragraph should start out with, "I'd love to play the banjo." Duh.

  9. Thanks for the guitar strumming positive comments everyone. I found out last night by chatting with my brother in law that you can learn how to play guitar from folks who post it on you tube. I didn't know that! Sometimes I can stretch my fingers on those strings and sometimes I can't.

    I'm 52, soon to be 53. Class of 1976. And yes I remember Hee Haw! Lordy seems like everyone watched that show. PS - Get a banjo and start strumming. Why not?

    Cindy Bee

  10. Wow Cindy I will be in that line saying she is my blogger friend, she just learned how to play. The concert hall will be full and everyone will love you. That is a very cool guitar. Canadian EH! B


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