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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am not a camper...

One of my nieces asked me about a month ago if we could go camping on our land when she gets out of school for summer. "Okaay" I say, "We can do that."
I am not a camper. I used to be, but I am no longer a camper. I quit about 15 years ago. Then I quit again about ten years ago.
And I've camped one time on our land.... It's not like at a's pitch black dark out there.... There are no other are surrounded by woods...The animals are not used to you being there.... You hear things the woods...with no other people around...and only the lights from the just hear things. But if my niece wants to go, we'll go.

So my Shug and I got the campsite set looks like a little Mary Jane's outpost...well maybe not quite as nice as Mary Jane's, but still....for a tent and a campsite, it's cute
But the skeeters were ruthless. No big deal...we just moved our stuff to the inside of the tent. This tent has two rooms. It's old. One part of the tent is a we could still watch the fire and eat s'mores....

And everything was going along just fine, until......we heard them......the footsteps....

What is it Aunt Cindy?
Oh just a deer or racoon or something.
I wanna go.
Noooo, we should stay. You've been looking so forward to this.
I'm afraid I wanna go. I just wanted Uncle Dave to stay with us to protect us.
I can protect you. Let's just wait a little longer to see if we hear it again.

We wait a couple of minutes, and truth be told, I'm a little scared myself, but I am NOT going to tell her that! We're in a tent, no camper, a tent. I can't even lock the door!

What's that noise?
It's just animals honey.
I want to go now.
We packed it all up in one trip through the trail...

and by 11:00 p.m. we were home, snuggled in bed, in the air condition, with the light on by the bed, no skeeters, no peepers, no serial killers! They're out there you know, ask Jayme, the Coop Keeper.

And no, but thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt and asking.... that is not an entire case of Budweiser. It's food for camping. There is a local liquor store (Boulevard liquors) who have been so nice to me. They are saving their boxes for me for moving and every time they get a stash they call me to come and get them. They're great because they have dividers in them, so dishes and such fit in them without packing papers!

Cindy Bee


  1. This is such a fun posting and a great ghost tale story. Nothing worse that a bird size skeeter to ruin a good campout. Glad to hear you made it back and were inside by 11am. It's so true there are thing lurking in the woods, like "Mary Worth", did you hear that tale in Girl Scouts to back in the day....,eeeeks... I still think she is going to get me in the dark.

  2. Garden Bell...what are you thinking for the love? Reminding me of Mary Worth!!! I forgot all about her, and truth be told, I don't remember the exact story but I remember that name. We have Indian Spirits, Serial Killers and Mary wonder I'm not a camper!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Chickens!...Camping always sounds fun and romantic...
    Ahhhhh Yes.....The rustic life....Living off the land...
    Strange noises
    sticky hands from smore making

    Pack up the van.....we're outta here.

  4. Taylor looks about 13 in that last picture!! Don't forget for her to journal all the camping fun!

  5. I'm with tried're done with it. Hopefully Taylor will learn to be in the wild like me.

    I fly somewhere nice (Montana, Utah-favorite) hike, carry food/water/camera and THEN head in for a shower, a beer (later) and a nice steak dinner. THAT's Nature baby!

  6. I hate camping for just those reasons.. Tried it a few times when my kids where little. Hate the mosquitos and noises that are out there. imagination can be worse than something . no thanks grandkids can camp in the back yard alone if they want too. not me..Loved your tale though.a good read
    Hugs Birgit

  7. Hilarious! I too was a, "once upon a time" camper. But the way I see it, I did that enough for a lifetime! Been there...Done it. Lol.
    IDK.. maybe one day, just not planning on it.

  8. Y'all are a bunch of weenies just like me! The truth is, the reason I agreed to camp on our land is it's only 15-20 minutes away. I didn't pack food, 'cept for s'mores, toiletries, not even clothes! I planned on coming home the next morning, eating breakfast, taking a shower and going to the strawberry festival!!!

    Cindy Bee

  9. This made me laugh. I am soooo not a camper either so I won't judge. I would have done the exact same thing but probably sooner! :)

    And I quite like the idea of making smores on the stove from your other post. :) Thanks for the idea!! :)

  10. I think I would need a case of Budweiser to make it through camping!


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