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Saturday, June 18, 2011

One More Thing...Happy Father's Day

The other thing I learned during Coffee Therapy the other day...

was that it took Pa Ingalls years to build his house for his family. Years. He never really completed it. According to RJ, Carrie slept on a make-shift bed downstairs and never did have a real bed or bedroom. And guess what? It's going to take years for us to build our house! What a surprise! We probably won't even move in for several months. I found that out tonight. My Shug told me. You know what? Whatev.....I'm tired of trying to put deadlines on the whole house thing. So guess what again? We get 'er done when we get 'er done. I feel better about it. It's freeing somehow. Screw self-inflicted deadlines!

And here's the other thing. I call my Dad, "Pa." I have for years. When I call him on the phone I say, "Pa?" I know it's him, but I say it anyway...I say, "Pa? Whadup?"

And guess what my Pa's first name is? Yup...Charles. I am not kidding.

The other day Pa, and my Sister and I went on a bus trip. An all day bus trip to gardens in Northern Indiana. I think I'll share a few of those pics with you. in my next few posts. But in the meantime.... this is a pic of my Pa...Charles

Happy Father's Day Pa.

Cindy Bee


  1. Happy Father's Day to your Charles. Great story.

  2. Wow Micheal Landon.I always wanted him for my Father even though I had the best father in the world.
    I know all about disappointment and moving into a house funny coincidence with my post today. Take care it will come. B

  3. Happy Fathers day Pa....deadlines are for everyone else but bloggers..!! ha!

    Have a great day!

  4. Happy Father's Day Charles. I love that you and your sister 'do' stuff with him, instead of just yammering at home:)

    Love the idea of visiting gardens. We did a Christmas tour of older homes one even was magical.

    Your home will be ready soon enough. Gives you more time to get ready, GET READY....Just like that song...Get ready cause here I come! Whoa, whoa, etc. Sorry I got distracted.....

  5. Pa is lucky to have you as a daughter.
    I always thought that Carrie was in Ma & Pa's bedroom as birth control... Remember she moved up w/ Laura when Mary moved out & Carolyn got pregnant (but lost the baby).
    I call my Dad... Dad & also Pops. That is what he asked us to have our children call him. I hate it when my Mom will refer to him & say to me.. "your Daddy..." STOP IT Mom! I haven't called him Daddy for 40 years! I hate when she does that. She also shortens my Hubby's name from Sergio to Serg, Daughter Emily to Em, but calls Annie Annie & me (Jan or Janis to most)... Janie.
    Gheez.. Im rambling on your Blog (sorrrry) :)

  6. OHHH PA! (says like Half Pint)...

  7. Well if he doesn't mind... it's ok then. Happy pa's day to your dad.
    Hope you had a good day with your family

  8. im with you on the self-inflicted deadlines Cindy.
    I mean - why do we DO that to ourselves?


  9. Looking forward to the garden pics, Cindy!


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