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Friday, April 21, 2017


 I will be posting Easter pictures this weekend.  I thought for Five on Friday, I'd show you some other stuff going on around here. 

Some of our family went mushroom hunting.
I was kindly given some fresh mushrooms which I fried in butter the next morning,
and made a mushroom and cheese omelette out of it.

I've been working on beehive equipment.  It's been several years of being too busy and not being organized in the beekeeping equipment department.  This year, I'm ready! 
I think.
I want to paint all of these nice pastel colors when I get the chance!

Everyone should know by now that the dandelion is the honeybees first flower in the spring that they get nectar from, at least in this part of the country.
We do our part.

Make a wish!

I sat out one lovely evening this week and watched the sun set, with coffee and crochet!

We have a LOT of lilacs blooming right now and I picked a huge bouquet for the house.
I wish you could smell them!

We have several different varieties

Crochet group....
First of all, I went to cousin Vickie's house Wednesday evening and started a new blanket.
I'm still working on my old one, but I need something mindless to work on while at crochet.  The old one is very close to having to lay it out and put it together.
So I started the coastal blanket that is from Lucy's blog at Attic 24.  I love it!  Of course, I'm only on row three! 
Cheryl started making a house pillow.  Look at those perfectly neat rows!

K is working on her cupcake blanket (which is also an Attic 24 kit)
Debbie is working on an Attic 24 bag kit.  In case you are wondering, we got together with a group of knitters and we all placed a rather large order.
And....yes....we do allow a knitter to sit with us  now and then!


Bonus picture....
we've had some absolutely horrible weather this week,
lots of rain and cold,
but I did get a pretty picture after the rains yesterday.

Have a great weekend
Easter pictures to come

I'm hooking up with FAST blog for Five on Friday.
Head on over by clicking here to see what other bloggers have been doing.



  1. You have an interesting and varied five here.


  2. Your sunset picture is just gorgeous! I love lilacs, my favorite flower and they will not grow here.

  3. I adore lilac and keep meaning to plant one in my garden. Maybe this year I'll do it!

  4. Loved reading your post, I adore mushrooms and will try and sneak them into any meal. I've joined up with the cookery calendar challenge, I think for me the challenge will be to avoid the mushrooms.
    Love the crochet, I'm doing attic 24 moorland blanket, the colours are gorgeous. Cathy x

  5. Its nice to see another Lucy/Attic 24 enthusiast! I'm about to start her coastal blanket as well!

  6. Did anyone notice I can't count to Five! The results of talking during posting. Sorry.....


  7. I must confess that I save dandelion seeds and plant them on purpose! What's not to like? it's bright and cheery, it is 100% edible to humans and animals alike and requires zero TLC to thrive. If only roses were so easy!

  8. Cindy, I almost missed this post. I love the pretty things you ladies make. We are to have rain again ...starting late wed. and for the next 4 days or so. I am tired of the wind and rain. Yesterday, I got the porch cleaned up again, flower petals all over from the rains. I thought of you last night, I watch , "The Secret Life Of Bees". Queen Latipha talked about bees and shows some while they got the honey. It was interesting. I hope your bees do well this year. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  9. I hope that all goes well with the bees and the crochet!


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