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Sunday, April 2, 2017

First Day of Spring weekend.....

  Hi Everyone!  I'm going to do some serious catching up...I hope.  I can't believe I haven't blogged since St. Patrick's Day, and I totally missed the first day of spring. 
BUT...I've been on a wonderful vacay that I am going to tell you all about. 
So stay tuned.,,,,
I'm going to download pics whenever I have a free moment. 
It's supposed to rain two or three days this week so I'm going to stay inside, 
Spring Clean,
get ready for Easter,
and blog.

Here we go...
The day after St. Patrick's day I had The Chata Chicks over.  We are actually neighbors/friends that get together every now and again for wine night and chatting.  When I first moved out here I felt isolated and alone.  I lived in town for 18 years, close to everything and everyone.  I knew no one out here.  I've since met some fun people and I love it!   Us three in this pic can ride carts to each others house, without even going on the road!  We have a back road that we've made to each other's home.  Ok so our husbands made it, for themselves, but we've taken it over!  And I might have told you before that we've named ourselves the Chata Chicks because I got tired of saying my "wine friends."   So I told them I wanted a name for us and after much deliberating, and we happened to have a bottle of Rum Chata on the counter at the time, we became the Chata Chicks! 
And I don't even drink Rum Chata (much!)
They stayed kinda late!
 And the next morning was Saturday. 
And I had plans to go to Horton's open house in Tipton, IN with my friend Teresa.
We parked the car and got out, and Susie from She Junks blog walked up!
If you don't know Susie go say Hi.  She's a sweetie!
She invited us in Subway Sandwich shop where she was spending time with her brother and daughter and introduced us to her beautiful family.  I love meeting fellow bloggers!
 After visiting for awhile, Teresa and I went on to Horton's.
These pictures will give you an idea of their open house.
 They are selling clothes now and I thought these spring-y coats were cute.  On this particular trip I didn't buy anything except a card.
 She has several fireplace mantels in the store and I love how she has them decorated.

  I like the painted step ladder
 I also like the umbrella covered with all of these doilies.  It would be so easy to make one by collecting doilies at garage sales and putting them all together on a premade umbrella.  I'm sure that's what she has done here.
 I think this "tree" is made out of paper sacks or brown wrapping type paper.  So creative.

 She had silk and real flowers.

 I love these colors.
 I also love Stock. It's an old-fashioned plant that is a bit hard to find.  It's an annual in our part of the country.  It has a wonderful scent.  I might have to go back and get some of these.  I'm kind of into the old-fashioned flowers at the moment.
 That was it for Horton's.  I always get so inspired to decorate when I go there.  And I really need to get serious about curtains for our house!
But there was no more time to think about decorating.
My Shug and I went out to eat Saturday evening with some of Mom's side of the family, then went to play cards at their house.
On Monday,
I was on my way to my cousin's house, in Logansport, when I spotted the biggest Blue Heron ever by our pond! 
If you look really close you might see a bluebird hiding in the lilac bush.   
 When I got to my cousins house, we went to get our toenails painted, in celebration of Spring (OK I just made that up.  But from now on I'm celebrating spring by getting my toenails painted!) 
She treated me to getting my toenails painted because we were going on vacation together, along with my sister and her daughter and her daughter's friend.
 See the starfish!
Vacation prep was a lot of fun!

 She fixed dinner for me, which was delish, and when I left for home I decided to go on a small town Logansport tour.  It didn't really start out that way.  I turned this way and that to go to the custard stand and I stumbled upon the swimming  pool we used to walk to.
I think it was called Tower Park. 
 Whatever we called it, it doesn't look the same.  It now has a huge slide. 
Say in a deep man (Pa) voice...BACK IN MY DAAAAAAY..
all we had was a pool and we were lucky to have it!
 I found the custard stand.  Custard is like an ice cream, but creamier and smoother somehow.  I LOVE IT!

 Then I decided to do a drive-by....
This house...
is one of my favorite houses in Logansport.

See that porch....
You see a porch...
I see my Grandpa standing there looking out towards the street smoking a cigarette, usually visiting with someone.
See that window to the right....
You see a window...
I see my Aunt looking out that window to see who is pulling up to visit.
That middle window is a big dining room withOUT a table.  Because all of us cousins played in that room every single weekend.  And we needed room to play as there are a lot of us.
That upstairs is where I spent many a night when I stayed all night at this house.
The memories....
The sweet, sweet memories...

 And the last thing I did to celebrate Spring was get my white purse out of the closet!  I bought it when I went to Florida with my Shug back in February.  But My Sister said I had to wait until the first day of Spring to carry it.  (sigh)

My favorite season.


  1. Cindy, I loved seeing you that Saturday,. My daughter said it was so good to see you again and your friend...she remembered from the first time I saw you at Horton's. Glad you have been having fun and getting out and about. I loved reading about your grandparents home. Can't wait to see the pics and read about your vacation. Blessings my friend, xoxo, Susie

  2. Hi Susie,
    It was fun meeting up again. I remembered your daughter too. I'm so glad she is healthy and happy. The home wasn't actually my grandparents home. It was my Aunt and Uncle's house. Vickie's parents. My Grandpa lived with them. And it was a meeting place. Seems we went there every weekend growing up.

  3. Have fun on your trip, your toes are definitely ready to go.

  4. So lovely to catch up with you! Love your toenail starfish, that is so cute!

  5. I miss that house and all the gatherings and I too see grandpa sitting on the porch and I so wish my mom was still looking out that window


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