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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day One!


Vickie and I sat on the deck of our condo and ate, while Theresa and the girls went next door to the buffet.
THIS!!!  Was our view!!!!!
I will be showing you a lot of pictures of this view because seriously, I could not stop taking pictures.  Wait until you see it at night!

I did not get one pic of inside the condo because, was kind of a mess.  Five women, two of them teens, beach towels, swim suits, and snacks everywhere!  But we had a kitchen in the condo, so first stop after breakfast was grocery store.

Then the beach!

Then we got dressed up to go out to eat.

Do you two EVER get off of your phones.  When I wanted to say something to them, I texted them!
First we had to go back to the HarborWalk Village because they wanted their hair braided.  That's all we heard about.  So we went back.

There was shopping, and food, and fun things for kids to do, and hair wraps, but no braids.  And a wrap would not do!   Laaawwwww.......

They did this Virtual Reality 'ride' where the floor moves up and down and around and they wore these funky goggles. made this one motion sick.  For the rest of the evening.

 So when we went to this pub and had the best food ever, she didn't eat a thing.
 Dollar bills were stapled to the walls and ceilings everywhere you looked.  People wrote their names on them, then stapled them up.

Then back to the condo to sit on the balcony, with a glass of wine.  Check out these pools.
The lights changed colors in the pools.  Twas a beautiful sight!




  1. Looks like a great trip . . . that pool is amazing! Enjoy, relax and be safe :)

  2. Doesn't look much like winter, great view.

  3. What a great pool! Lovely to be able to go there and to the beach!


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