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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The FIVE remaining days of vacation - Five on Friday!

 I decided to just go for it and post the rest of our pictures of vacation. 
I'm feeling so inspired by spring so I decided I need to move on!
I know most people don't like to see "home movies", which is what they were called when we were kids, so I'll just post pics, talk a little, and you can just scroll on through if you want.
or not.

TUESDAY - March 27
Tuesday morning we woke up to more sunshine, so we decided to spend the day on the beach.

 I snapped a photo of this YUMMO beach drink if any of you are inclined to try to figure out the recipe.
 It's called an island Vice.

 That evening we went back to Emerald Grande for a quick visit to see if we could find a hair braid person - again.  Which we could not - again.
 But we did see someone get stuck on this zip line!!!!   A few minutes later a guy tied himself onto the zip line and shimmied his way out to this person and pulled them in.  Guess it wasn't too zippy!
 Then we went to a place that had a miniature golf course, a go cart track, bumper boats, bumper carts, and an arcade. 
 The younger ones went on the go cart rides while us older ones hung out with the silverback!  My sister was supposed to be getting a video of her daughter with her daughter's go-pro, which she totally messed up!  You had to be there, but it was hilarious!!!!  Her daughter couldn't understand how you could screw something up so badly when all you had to do was push a button to start it and push a button to stop it!  LOL!
 Then we all went to the arcade place.  I haven't played skeeball in years!

 Vickie was the big ticket winner that evening.  Kind of reminded me of Vegas for kids!
 On the way home we stopped at a place called the Donut Hole.  If you ever go to Destin, Florida.  Go to the Donut Hole.

 What?  You thought that one piece was for all of us?  No way!
 We all got our own.  None of us finished them....except my sister might have eaten the rest of her daughter's cake!  And might have gotten in trouble yet again!

 Every morning started with coffee on the balcony, and almost every evening ended with wine on the balcony.  We sat on the balcony every evening, we just didn't have wine every evening.


I got up first this morning and sat outside and read.

 It was very weird because all of a sudden fog started rolling in.

 It was like something out of a scary movie.  Before you knew it, you couldn't even see the bay!

 An hour later!  All clear!

We decided to go for a walk out on the pier at the beach that day.
Check out the lights!

 They are real!
 Now this was hilarious.  This young guy, probably around 15 years old, was fishing and he walked to the other side of the pier with his pole, but left his bait open on the ground!  This bird took advantage!

 Later that evening - back to The Harbor Walk.  The three younger girls decided to go for a sunset cruise.

 While Vickie and I did a little shopping and had a margarita at Margaritaville. 
We got the absolute best seat in the place.  It felt like we were on a boat!  And yes, that is a boat on the other side of the railing.

 We relaxed and watched the ships go by as we waited on the others.

March 30 - Thursday
We were expecting rain so we decided to hang out mostly by the pool.  But the rain kept missing us and getting pushed back later, so our day turned out to be sunny and nice yet again.
 That evening it did rain, so we went next door to Fudpuckers and ate, then played around in the arcade until the storm passed.
(I hate that they do this to alligators.  It was very deceiving.  They had this big aquarium in the wall and said you could get your picture taken with one of the alligators.  After you paid for the picture, the guy pulls out an alligator from behind the counter, with his mouth taped shut.)

 When we got back to the condo we played UNO which was a lot of fun.  I haven't played this game in years.
 And I had a very sucky hand!
 On FRIDAY the waves were killer, they were not letting anyone out very far in the water as they had to rescue someone that morning.

 This guy was in the water, they blew the whistle at him, and we found out later he is a "Professional Surfer!"  We were wondering if they have apprenticeship surfer schools in Florida.
 That evening we decided to eat at the Rockin' Taco's place again, mostly because it was on the beach.

 We took  a few bye-bye beach (sad face) pictures....
 and headed to Krispy Kreme to see if the warm light was on!  YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!
 It was on!

Perfect ending to a perfect week.

April 1 - Saturday
We headed home....

I wanted to show you this pic.  This is Okaloosa Island and from the outside hall of our condo.  You can see the bay on the left side and the ocean on the right.  It's a thin strip of land.
 On the way home the traffic was awful.  We stopped to try to get a place to stay and everything was booked, so we drove straight through.  What should have taken 11 hours took 16.  I got home around 2:30-3:00 a.m.

 As soon as all of those people got off of the road that had rooms booked, the traffic thinned out and we rocked on.  The bridges were beautiful at night.

That's it folks.  Thanks for putting up with my fun girl trip to Florida with me!
We came home to horrible, cold, rainy, gray, weather, but today it's gorgeous outside, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I'm hooking up with FAST for Five on Friday since I realized I had five days left to share, and there are a couple of more house available to join in. We have a new host for Five on Friday and I think you will enjoy their Blog.  They are homesteaders.  Amy at Love Made My Home gave it up to pursue other interests.  She is still blogging though and I really appreciate that she found someone to take it over rather than just stopping Five on Friday.
So, check out FAST blog, and check out other Five on Friday bloggers by clicking here!



  1. OH my goodness I laughed and felt like I was on the trip with you! First time to your blog and enjoyed it very much!

  2. You all look so happy, what a fun trip.

  3. So lovely to see the rest of your travels, what a great time you had! Glad you can carry on with five on Friday too!

  4. I really enjoyed the "home movie" and could definitely enjoy a glass of Island Vice! its a shame they trick you like that with the crocodile, maybe one day the croc will figure out how to get the tape off and give the guy a day to remember!
    Thanks for joining in with us for Five on Friday and please excuse my lateness in getting round to comment this week!

  5. Enjoyed the beach trip with you. I would've been with you up on the chairs having a drink instead of the boat. Great way to roll!


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