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Saturday, April 8, 2017

DAY TWO- Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Day Two
Spring Break 2017
We woke up to fog 
It seemed to be engulfing us. You couldn't even see the bay from our balcony. 

Our unit had a rooftop deck so I went up there to see the fog.
From this view, you should be able to see the gulf of Mexico!

It didn't take long for the fog to dissipate, and this cute little barge comes rolling by!

Since the girls got so burnt on Sunday, we decided to do some shopping in a little town called Seaside on Monday.  But first we went for a walk along the bay.


Gotta go - NOW!

I looked at these last year when my Shug and I came here, and this year I decided to get one.
We kept saying YOLO when we couldn't decide on doing or buying something.
(you only live once)

Inside a very cute candy store. 
Loved the bike
Now this is a good story!  We were the only ones in this cute little ice cream store when two couples walked in and one of them said, "This place reminds me of  J. Edwards in Kokomo."  We all turned our heads to look at them, because we are from Kokomo and have been to J. Edwards a number of times!  We didn't know each other, but it was enjoyable chatting with them for a few minutes.

After spending the day shopping, we walked along the beach as the sun was setting to go to a beach-side restaurant for dinner.

The place was called Rockin' Taco's and for a mere $10 they will make fresh guacamole at your table.

After dinner we walked into a store next to the restaurant and they had this big (fake) shark hanging from the ceiling.

When I got home from this trip I was tagged on facebook about a girl getting bit by a shark in Destin, Florida!  She received over 120 stitches, and I believe she was 12 years old.  She started punching the shark in the face and got free from it.  Oh My Gosh! 

One thing I will say, they put flags out on the beach every day.  The red one means rip-tide and no swimming, or there are restrictions as to how far you can get into the ocean.  The purple one means sea-life present in the water.  We had the purple flag a few days and a friend of my sisters even said there was a lot of sharks and sting rays in the water.  Needless to say, we didn't get much past our ankles in the water.  It was really cold anyway!

 After we got back to the condo we
put iced down towels on this fair-skinned red head to relieve her sunburn.
And we ended the evening sitting on our porch, while sipping on a glass of wine. 
Another perfect day
of great weather, shopping, eating, and relaxing.



  1. YOLO. I'm going to steal that one and say it everyday. Haven't been to FT Walton Beach or Destin in over 45 years, but you've made me want to go now. Looks like it has really changed...duh.


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