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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day May Day!

So I'm a Day late with May Day.  I'm actually a lot late with this whole Blog thing.  I had an Easter post ready to go.  I don't know what happened, I think it was Internet problems, but I lost a bunch of it. So here's the thing.... 
I have ALWAYS tried doing things in chronological order.  
It's an obsessive/compulsive thing with me. 
Well, I'm breaking that habit. 
I'm going to start posting what I want, when I want! 
I said it OUT LOUD!  Easter might be posted in July and July might be posted in December!

And the first thing I'm going to say is
This is our pond...if you look closely, you see the trees are IN the water.  That's because it has rained EVERY DAY since LAST WEDNESDAY and the wind has been horrible! 
The pond is out of the bank.
 This was the rain over the weekend.

So, in an effort to help the attitude, I've joined a couple of "groups" that you might be interested in.

The first one is through Facebook.  It's The YOU Challenge by Rebekah Teal. It's a closed group but I'm sure she will let you join if you want to. 
It's about making yourselves a priority.  
It's a walking group. 
The thing about this group is I started last May.  It's only a month long.  But what it did for me is make me find a path to walk that I really enjoy.  And I've done it every day that the weather has been nice since last May, 2016.  Of course, it's Indiana, so the weather isn't always nice.  But for the month of May I am walking EVERY DAY, no matter the weather.

So here is what I did yesterday.
I quickly walked on the gravel part of the path that my Dixie Doodle and I have created.  The rest of it will have to wait for another time because it's a mud bog.

 This is our flowing well.  It's a natural spring that runs all the time.  No turning it on or off.


 Dixie was ready to go on the grassy part of the path, but like I said, it's a mud bog. 

The other "walk" I did were these steps.  My Shug is working upstairs and he is ready  to change jobs, so these tools need to come down, and others need to go up.  It took me six trips up and down 15 steps.  l80 steps.  Not bad for a first day.
Ta Dah!

The other group I joined is by Day Designer.  You join by e-mail and they send you a Habit a Day for the Month of May.  It's actually called 30 Days to your Best You.  The first two habits are

1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
2.  Make your bed every morning
Anyone else need a fresh start?



  1. I like your attitude. It's OK to break a habit. It's more than Ok to make yourself a priority.
    As for the cold, rainy weather - I symphatize with your feelings about it. I also drear that kind of weather. Luckily,where I live winter is short , and the other seasons are warm.

  2. Hey Cindy Girl, First of all, it's about time you posted, young lady . . . I missed you :) It doesn't have to be a special occasion to let us know what you're doing. Life is a mix of simple pleasures, dirty jobs and everyday occurrences. The fact is through the years of blogging we have all fallen in love with your sweet personality and we miss you when you don't post. There, I've said it! It's cold here too, we had frost this morning. I'm ready to start gardening, but the weather will not cooperate. Here's to sunny days and bare feet . . . for you and me both :)
    Love ya!
    Connie :)

  3. I like your attitude! Oh those stairs, the bane of my existence is stairs. Twelve stairs up to the front door or back door, 16 more to go upstairs. I'd like to cut the upstairs off and attach it to the lower level.

  4. I always have so much that I want to post but then I don't do it and I lose my mojo and then feel like it's all moot so why even bother. Kudos on the walking. It's my favorite form of exercise and I need to do it before it gets way too hot, but took the day off because I have the beginnings of a cold thanks to my husband ... we have dusty skies every day and I don't think breathing in dust would help my burning throat and sneezing very much. I always need a fresh start. Had grand intentions at the new year, then restarted some habits in April, but as usual, they fall to the wayside. I just can't seem to stay focused or work within a schedule of any sort.


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