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Monday, January 11, 2016

Little bits and pieces of my life

 The last few days I have been busy, as always.
My friend Marcia came over today and we moved boxes around to clear a space for my Shug to work on heat duct work in our house.  We have decided to put another register and heat duct going into the kitchen.  This picture is a room under our kitchen.  It has EVERYTHING in it from our other house.  Every drawer, every room, every nook and cranny came into this room.  And those aren't boxes of alcohol.  They are canning jars!

I've also been working in the craft room.  Thing is...I get side tracked!  
I found this yarn, which K reminded me about a few weeks ago.  I completely forgot we bought it. 
After piddling around with it, I settled on granny squares.
 I got the pattern from Lucy at Attic 24's blog.

 I'm making a bag....because Lord knows...I need another bag!

 Now...this....makes me mad!  I will not upset you by showing you the gruesome pictures......
but we have neighbors that allow their dogs to run loose.  And last year, after three of them killed a baby deer, we warned them not to let them loose again, lest they never come home.

 Well....the other day my Shug saw a deer running like crazy.  Then he saw one of the dogs running behind it.  He got his gun and shot behind the dog to scare it away.    Then he saw something sticking up out of the pond.  Sure enough...a deer. My  Shug called the DNR and a conservation officer came out and he made an official complaint.   The officer went and warned the owner of the dog, who happens to have a very HUGE cross in his yard and claims to be a preacher man. 
He said he would "Try" to keep his dog penned up. 
So, the next day my Shug and a neighbor went and got the deer out of the frozen pond.  The pond was not frozen solid enough to hold much weight. We firmly believe the dog ran a deer into the pond and it drowned.

So, last Friday, My Shug ground some venison and I packaged it and froze it.

You might think this is a horrible thing to do.  But, it's better than letting that deer's life be a total waste.

 I also made waffles from this old waffle iron.  It reminded me of when I first met Dave's Mom.  She took me to some garage sales and this waffle iron was in a free box!  I snatched it up and have used it for 25 years!  It reminds me of the one my Mom used to use when she cooked waffles for us as kids.  I remember being shocked that this was in a FREE box at the garage sale!
 I've been painting trim....I paint trim every week.

I made this little vignette with little Christmas ornaments and doo-dads.  That took all of five minutes!

 I planted some allysum that I got in this little pot at Target for 50cents!
 And one of my narcissus flowers blossomed!  I love planting bulbs in the winter months in pots.
I've been doing a lot of sorting since Christmas.  Sorting stuff to take upstairs to the bedroom, the bathroom, and now that we have heat in the entire house, I've been sorting in the back rooms (a little bit at a time.) 

And I've been sorting pictures....not to worry, I AM STILL going to post Christmas pictures!!!  I have a fun game to show you.

Cindy Bee


  1. You? Busy? Naaaaaaaah! (Take a break and go have some fun!)

    1. I am having fun Jacque, that's why I'm so busy!

  2. Purse is nice, like the trim color

  3. Purse is nice, like the trim color

    1. well thank you for helping me pick it out Victoria!

  4. That poor deer! When we lived in wyoming we had deer elk and turkey. I even plucked a wild turkey. At least it wasn't wasted. You are so busy but very productive . Your granny squares are so cute, hugs cheri


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