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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy 80th Birthday to Dad! Part I

Our Dad turned 80 on Friday!
(this is a picture K took when she ran into him one day at Wal-Mart about a month ago)

 On Saturday evening, we had a party at my Sister's house to celebrate Dad's birthday.  
These are just some of the decorations. 
(I don't suppose my sister has any pictures she could text me of the rest of them?)
Somewhat ridiculous looking 80th birthday hat -hand made
 Hand made winter money tree (his gift from his kids)
Gone Fishing banner my Sister made.  (she will tell you she isn't crafty)
(the drink table)  Dad is a fisherman and a golfer. 
(she is one of the crafty-ist people I know)
and there was a home made photo booth! 
My Brother, me, and my Sister!  This is a picture we put on facebook waiting for our Dad to arrive.

My cousin Vickie, my sister Theresa, Vickie's daughter Ashley, and me!

Dad with his grand-kids (two were missing) and his great grand-kids.
And of course, we had Mom sneak into the picture. 

My brother and his son.
Vickie and her kids!
Trent (my sisters Husband) and his Mom.
Trent and his Dad.

Theresa and Trent's daughter Taylor and her Pops.

Mom and Dad and friends of theirs....They've been friends since they were about five years old I think!

Dad wearing his hat!  This was right after we sung happy birthday and Theresa delivered the cake right into his sweater!
 I found some 'lips' in one of my sister's drawers!
Taylor and me.
Adrienne (my niece) and me.

This is one of the games I have to tell you about.  We found it on facebook and played it on Christmas eve (of which I have not posted pictures yet) 
You take saran wrap and little gifts or candies....

and you wrap all of these little gifts in the saran a little at a time.
Stopping and starting the saran many times along the way.
Until you have a big ball of saran wrap and gifts.
The person next to the person with the saran ball rolls two dice.

They roll the dice until they get doubles.  While they are rolling the dice, the person beside them is unwrapping the saran wrap ball, gaining as many gifts as he/she can.

Here I am trying to figure out where it cannot rip the saran.  Ralph is trying to roll doubles.  Once he rolls doubles, I have to stop unwrapping and give him the ball.
In the center, and very well wrapped, is the grand prize.
I put a scratch off lottery ticket and a McDonald's gift card.  At Christmas time I had a Starbucks gift card.
This game is crazy fun!  Especially when it gets close to the end.  You can see the prize at the end, but I usually start and stop the saran three or four times for the grand prize.  As with all grand prizes, it LOOKS closer than it is!
Even little kids can play.
  Ryan might have rolled the dice a little slower...until he wasn't getting any doubles!
If you don't Saran Wrap ball game.  Someone posted a very long (ok 7 minutes) video on how it is made and played.

My sister with our nephew....She asked me to take a picture of the two of them.
Can you believe how tall he is!!!
What in the world is she doing!!!!!  More pictures from this party later......
I have a part two to show you.

Cindy Bee


  1. You all have so much fun together! Happy 80th to your dad! And I am going to make my family play that game sometime over the next year.

  2. Your Dad always looks slightly puckish, as does your Mom; no wonder you have such a fun family!

  3. Man oh man,; your dad wears "80" very well!

    AND THAT SARAN WRAP GAME. Next time the fam gets together, we are so playing this!


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