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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas and Crochet 2015

Everyone seems to be posting pictures from their entire year, kind of like a review.  
Well, says I, I've not got my pictures posted the first time, 
so I shant be able to post them a second time!
But I shall do some review with some Christmas 2015 snuck in!
I just have to. 

And because I always show you our Christmas tree, I will start with it. 
We went early this year, before Thanksgiving, so we could get a good one.
And this one looks nice, and full, and big and tall and perfect.
I'll take it!
At Lowe's they scrunch them all up for you in netting. 

And here it looks like my Shug is trying to bend it the toward the wall....

Nope...he was trying to straighten it out a bit, towards him.  No Can Do.
How did this happen?  It's leaning more than the tower of Pisa (not that I've been there.)
But look here....if you look at it from this angle....
It's perfect!  Just like it was at Lowe's.
 I missed some of the traditional stuff this year, especially with my nieces.  But I have these sweet little clothespin angels to remind me of the fun times we had while they were younger. 
Blogettes, they are 12, 13 and 16 now!  And my great niece is 7.
When in thee hell did they grow up?  Where was I?
 Anyway, we got the house decorated, the bed moved upstairs and food ready for entertaining these young ladies just in time.  I worked with them at Purdue (in Kokomo) and we've stayed buds all these years.  And I always have a brunch for them the month of December.
The rest of the year we meet one time at month at a restaurant.
 We call ourselves the Quitters, because well, some of them retired, and some of us quit, and the word quit kind of encompasses the entire genre' of not working there anymore.  What did I just say?  Who wrote that?  I don't even know if it makes sense.   Anyway, Cheryl never even worked for Purdue!
 But when one of our other Purdue buds moved to Arizona, Cheryl decided to take her place.  And it's been a few years and she fit right in.
 And now she has crossed over to crochet group.  And crochet group had a little Christmas gathering as well.
And for reasons that I shall not explain, we had to temporarily move to a chain coffee shop rather than our usual locally owned coffee shop.  I know it looks like K isn't too happy about the move, but that's not it at all.  First of all, I just snapped a few pictures without saying "1, 2, 3, smile" and second of all.....
K is ticked because Debbie just does not pay attention! 
And here Debbie is thinking....Just try and make me!
And here K is saying, "See Debbie, this is how you do it."
 and now K is saying, "Dammit Debbie, pay attention!" 
We were trying to make an assortment of hot pads and dish rags.
Here are mine.
 This is Cheryl's "shoulder scarf!"  She isn't paying attention either!  We call it a shoulder scarf because it is only big enough to cover a shoulder.
 Debbie does have the double crochet down though.
 But K was the craftiest of all this year.  This is a necklace that costs over $4,000.00!  Remember when I asked for prayers for her foot surgeries?  Well, after her second surgery, her foot kept hurting, and she kept saying she just knew it was the screws in her foot.  Well she had a third surgery to have this contraption removed from inside her foot!   So she turned it into a necklace.
 Alls I'm gonna say about this is OUCH!
 I think she's got it!!!
I did show you mine right?
The good news is this guy came over today and showed me how to get my selfie stick working!  I used to babysit him!  He grew up too!!!!
Anyway, hopefully, my face won't be the biggest face in pictures now.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, Kids are so sneaky, always growing up and some times right before our eyes, though. LOL. Your crochet crafts are very nice. Oh that thing from the lady's foot makes me scared. That's horrid. I loved the clothes pin angels. Your tree was perfect from the front. Makes me wonder if they didn't slip you a different tree. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I know you miss the kids being little, I sure miss Emma wanting to come over.

    1. Hi Susie! They didn't slip us a different tree. We took it to the employee to be wrapped and we were the only ones there at the time! I have no idea how we missed it.
      I understand completely about Emma 😢

  2. Your always having fun! Is that the youngest of the two boys. If so I have been following your blog longer than I thought. He has grown!

    1. Yes Brenda it is the youngest of the boys! You're good!!! He's 16 now and driving and his older brother is in his first year of college.

  3. So enjoyed my visit. I've got my group of quitters, too, but we're all actually retirees. Love my get-togethers with my work buddies.

  4. Hi Carol Z! Thanks for visiting my blog. i can't wait to meet your group of quitters!

    Cindy Bee


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