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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Seiberling Mansion

On Thanksgiving weekend, we had two of my nieces overnight to do our traditional We Care park tour.  This year, since they came on Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to go to the lighting ceremony of the Seiberling Mansion too.  Santa Claus always comes in on a horse drawn carriage.
And everyone counted down....10...9...8...7....6....5.....4...3...2 and
There were three levels inside to tour.  The first floor had a band playing Christmas Carols.
Nice fake smile Sarah!  This would be my brother's child on the left, Sarah, and my sister's child on the right, Taylor.
Some rooms were set up as a museum with items made in Kokomo such as old stoves and Delco Radios.  Other rooms were set up as though they were still being used as bedrooms.
Every room in the house has a fireplace in it.
And the whole house was decorated for Christmas.

The third floor had the biggest village ever.
 There was a chorus of men singing Christmas songs on the third floor. 

After touring the Seiberling, you could go in the Elliot House, next door,
to visit Santa and his elves, and have some cookies and punch.  When we got there Santa was in the other room getting something to drink....
and when I was standing there taking a picture of his elves, I turned around and he was right there beside me!

One very special thing about the Seiberling mansion....these steps that my Shug and I are standing on right here....well those are the steps we got married on 20 years ago on New Years Eve.  Yup....that picture above where Taylor is running down the stairs.  Those would be the stairs I walked down to marry the love of my life.  awwwww......special.

 I didn't live far from this mansion when I was single, and my Shug and I would walk down here in the summer months and sit on the porch when it was closed like we lived here!  I love this place.
Advent Calendar gifts....
a photo holder, tj maxx gift card, and a vera bradley card holder.
I'm sure I've forgotten some things since I did not keep my promise to blog every day.

I'm preparing for Christmas Eve, and for once I have all of my Christmas presents wrapped, I have some sweet treats already made, and I'm preparing TODAY for tomorrow!!!
 I made these white chocolate pretzels...I had some of those silver dragees on them but I was afraid someone would bust a tooth.
 and some mini turtlettes.....they have one pecan, one piece of caramel and a dab of chocolate.  Just pop the whole thing in your mouth.  yum.  Aren't they cute?
And oatmeal scotchies for my Shug.  He loves them.  I'm also making other stuff.....but I don't have pics yet.  Maybe tomorrow....

Cindy Bee

(I edited was too long, even for me)


  1. You think Shug would share his scotties??? Huh, please???

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. What a beautiful place to get married, and all those goodies? Mayhap the Great Scot and I should drive by and look pitiful?

  3. Merry Christmas my friend looks like a wonderful place to get in the spirit. HUG B

  4. Hi Cindy, what a fun evening . . . I'm happy that you are still a kid at heart, You're never to old to have your picture taken with Santa . . . I love that :)
    Merry Christmas.
    Connie :)


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