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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day Three

Advent Tree gift....this very cute coaster.  If I had it on Day 1, maybe my drink wouldn't have sweated all over
the Christmas story page!
Isn't the coaster cute!  I LOVE SUMMER!  and flip flops!  So, Vickie sent me another copy of this to share with you, and I downloaded it, but do you think I can find out where it went?  No, I cannot.  I'll figure out at some point how to share it with you all.

This is what I worked on today.  I actually started it a couple of weeks ago.  I think it would be fun to hang several different ones in a window by fishing string.  Anyway, I made this for Ornament Extravaganza, which is this Saturday and Sunday.
Ornament Extravaganza is an event that The Granny Bee stitchery group has and it gives everyone a chance to learn how to do something artsy with different fiber mediums. You can read about it HERE!  click on HERE.   Did you click on it?  With your cursor... do it.
Anyway, this is called Rug Punch. 
I put my hand there to show you the size of it.
There are a lot of things going on Saturday in and around our town.  If you are out and about, stop by the Kokomo Art Association, downtown Kokomo, and make and take an ornament.

My great niece. (above)
A selfie with my niece. (I have a lot of nieces and this one is beautiful inside and out)
 So, after we finally said prayer, and we all ate dinner....
 (whoa Cindy, you gonna eat all of that?)
 We played Thanksgiving Bingo! Or maybe it was TURKEY LEG Bingo!!!
 The winner of each game got to wear a turkey leg headband,
 and got a turkey leg prize package.  There was candy and a fortune cookie in each one.

I don't think Lorri (above) even played!
 YAY!  A happy winner!  Stacey
 Dylan won
 My brother Duke looks all excited about wearing the turkey legs!
 Mom! (nice photo bomb Emily)
Then everyone started saying, "Hey Look, Jesus is here with pies."  I had no idea what they were talking about, until I turned around and saw my sweet nephew!  His hair is longer than mine!

The whole gang was finally there!

Cindy Bee


  1. Jumpin' Jehosophat, he does look like Jesus! (And it looks like a great time was had by all!)

  2. Talk about fun and being full....of laughter, that is!...:)JP

    1. We were full JP! Dessert pics to come!!!

  3. Well, Jesus did feed the five thousand...perhaps it really was with pies!
    Jane x


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