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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snow Globages

 So, I opened the "dreaded" box. 
 This box was just a tub full of Christmas stuff.  
But sometimes, when you live in one room, and you store stuff in other areas of the house, and the other part of the house is c...c..c.cold.  Stuff happens.
And in this one box were some very special things.  
One was this tree...It's a hand blown glass tree that I bought years ago when Mom, the boys I watched, and I went to the Opalescent glass shop.  At the time it was not far from where My Shug and I lived.  I believe we walked there.  This tree is an oil lamp.  I'm happy to report, it was fine.
But these....which are very special to me, well, I was opening them last year and I opened a box...busted....another one...cracked...another one, the figure was floating around in la la snow globage land.  I closed the box up and put it up and I just opened it on Saturday.  A year later. 
 These little globages were from JC Penney's, on Black Friday, when my sister and I would get up early and go shopping.  We'd be at Penney's whenever they opened and get our globage (that's what we called it).  We'd get a coupon from another store, and go eat breakfast.  We were actually just there for the social.  When they started opening on Thanksgiving, we quit going.  It just wasn't as fun.  
So, the globages...well several were broken.  I found this one at Goodwill, but as luck would have it, my 2005 wasn't in bad shape.  My Cousin Vickie gave me a couple last year, and one of hers replaced one of my bad ones. I made a list of the bad ones.  I replace them a little at a time if I can.  If I can't, I have a plan.
   This globage wasn't really special, but you can see how the figurine
 just shakes all over the place with the snow.
It's like Santa's in a blizzard getting blown all over the place.
  So here is what I did.....I'm trying to have a good attitude about it all....I put it in a plastic bag...
 I took it outside and busted it on a rock and took the figurine out.  Trashed the rest.
OK, but look at these two pics....below.
Kind of creepy huh????  All I did was turn on the tea light i put inside it, and take another picture.  (I'm serious)It looks like he is watching....which is why....
He knows when you are sleeping...
He knows when you're awake....
He knows when you've been bad or good....
so be good for goodness sake!
 Hey, I was told I'm getting behind on the advent calendar!  I know....I am behind...busy again..
Here are the last couple of days.  Ghirardelli chocolate on the 14th!
 And wine yesterday.
Cindy Bee


  1. And he's in the same room with you? (Santa that is.) Eeeek!

  2. It looks like you really know how to make lemonade out of lemons. What a good idea if you're faced with broken "globage' !

    Wine & chocolate, celebrating in style and good taste.

  3. I rather like the idea of Santa battling blizzards to deliver the gifts on time!
    Jane x

  4. Hi Cindy Bee
    Just popped in to wish you a very merry and safe Christmas. Those look like pretty upmarket advent calendar goodies to me. Well done.

  5. Cindy, I like the way you saved the Santa and put it to good use. Very clever. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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