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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Not such a good Day 2

I know what you're're thinking...sure she's going to blog every day.  Well peeps, today was NOT a good day.  And I debated all day long about blogging about it. 
It started out okay, except that I woke up at 2:00 am.  After my Shug left for work, and after I opened my Day 2 gift, I went back to bed. It's a pin that lights up and changes color.  I put it on the advent tree for now and it looks really cute there.
Then as I sat there looking at this crafty stuff I dug out of the craft room, wondering where in thee hell my mojo wandered off to again....I got a phone call.  My sister's best friend, who is a friend of our family of course, was on vacation.  She came home and found her Mother dead on the living room floor.  As if that isn't enough, my sister and her husband are going to her husband's Grandmother's funeral tomorrow.  And I could go on with everything else going on in their life, but I won't.  You get the idea.  So peeps, I'm here....just not in a blogging mood right now.  
I'll get back to Thanksgiving photos later (mostly for family) but thought tonight you might enjoy a couple of trail cam pics.  This is a baby buck.  If you look closely you can see his antler nubs.
 And a coyote.  S c a r y.  I holler now every time I let the dog out.  I don't think coyotes like being around people, but they'd have my little guy for a snack. 
 Be good to your family peeps.   You just never know....

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, So sorry about all the sad news. It's seems harder to take at holiday time. No time is good but some times are worse. The letting the dog out with coyotes around. Better stick close to the dog..A friends daughter took her doggie in the shed and saw a raccoon...she told her dad, me and puddin'(the dog) almost grab that raccoon daddy..... He said, "you better be glad it ran away, or it would have ate you up and had Puddin' for dessert."......I thought you could use a laugh honey. This is a true story though. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

    1. Thanks Susie. People don't realize raccoons can be mean because they are so cute!

  2. What a horrible time, my thoughts go out to all those affected. From the safety of this side of the Pond that coyote looking amazing. I love the penguin brooch. I hope he manages to bring a smile to your face. Hugs - Philippa xx

  3. He does bring a smile. And that coyote better keep it's distance!


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