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Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 4 & 5 and Thanksgiving and family and OE and (phew)!

Come on....You know you want it!
 I know...I missed yesterday.   What was I thinking!  Blog every single day....well peeps, my battery went dead on my laptop and blah blah blah!  Gotta drag the thing to an outlet and plug it in.  Such nonsense!
On day 4 I woke up hungry and what would be in my Advent tree but biscotti and coffee!  Perfect for a PRE-breakfast snack!  It's the new 4th meal!  Pre-breakfast!

Day 5, more drinkable goodies.  Have you ever had hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows?  YUM!  Or go to our local coffee shop and order a Winter Wonderland.  Double YUM! I'd do it right now if I weren't in my pj's at 10:45 am!

 My Shug has been bugging me for a pie. It's almost gone today and I've had NONE!  Learn how to make peach pie and he'll be your bestie forever! 
I am one that has always made my own pie dough, but living in one room with this much counter space...
Yes....that is my counter top and cabinets in my kitchen which I have lived in for two years, going on my third winter....
I've changed my ways.  I know my Sister did not believe me last weekend when I said I have four pie doughs in my fridge, so here ya go Tess....(4 for $8 at the grocery a couple of weeks ago.)
 ALSO YESTERDAY....this is in Mary Jane's Farm magazine this  month, which happens to be one of my favorites.  And since I am a beekeeper, and since I'm attending Ornament Extravaganza (OE) tomorrow,
 I made these!  Adorbs huh?  I need to run the string through them yet, which I'm afraid is going to give me trouble because they are thick.  This is wax from my own hives.  And don't think for one minute wax comes out looking like this because it does not!  It has to be cleaned...and cleaned....and cleaned again.  Otherwise a bee wing might be popping out of Santa's nose! 
 Do you go to bed at night thinking crafty thoughts?  Sometimes I do...and I was thinking this Wednesday night, after making my rug punch ornament.

 Could it work?

I had to try...
It worked! 
I know, the plastic deer heads probably gotta go.....I just had to try...
 I need a star or an angel....or maybe I'll put a next on top with this bird!
Click here for more info on Ornament Extravaganza.

getting ready for tomorrow and I have got to get this huge cabbage cut up, blanched and in the freezer.  Our neighbor gave it to us.  It got a bit of frostbite but most of it is good.  Timing...I really didn't need one more thing to do.  Anyone care to guess why it's on the stove?

That would be because it doubles as a counter top.  Oh yeah....I'll be blogging about living in one small, eeny teeny, itsy bitsy, tiny-WHINEY! room. 

But right now I HAVE GOT TO finish off our THANKSGIVING pics.
My Sister and her daughter made the cutest little pumpkin pies!  
 She is so crafty!
We had a lot of dessert.
I made persimmon pudding.  Have you ever had it?  It's yummy.  An old fashioned dessert.
And lastly, we celebrated Lorri's 50th birthday on Thanksgiving!!!

There's Jesus in the background, smiling, talking to Joey.  He loves us you know...Jesus.  Even if we have long hair and a long beard, even if we say things wrong sometimes, even if we don't blog every day when we say we will!  He loves us. 
Let me get a tiny bit serious for one minute.  I'll be brief.  I get a lot of comments on my blog, and from my friends, about how I'm so lucky to have such a fun family, and fortunate that we all get along.  Peeps, we all have our share of family disfunction.  I don't care who you are, or who you THINK you are, and how perfect you think you are.  You're not.  I'm not.  And neither is anyone in our family.  And I would bet that there isn't one member of our family, or our extended family, that hasn't had their feelings hurt at one time or another.  Here's the deal.  We forgive.  We have to.  We all NEED to.  If we don't, we won't have family.  And we all NEED family.  I would urge you to send a letter, make a call, and forgive this holiday season.

I know this is long.  I don't know if I'll be blogging the next two days!  I know...that bit about blogging every day....hogwash!!!!  I'm going to try to take my laptop with me to OE, but if they don't have wifi, I won't be posting again until Monday.  Have a great weekend if I don't see ya!

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow, Cindy! I got winded just reading your post . . . you are one busy girl these days. At least with all your running around, you will be burning off all your holiday calories :) As Martha would say, "That's a good thing" :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  2. cindy, I don't know how you do it . I know when it's all together your home will be so awesome.You are so right about be forgiving. I am honest when I say this ...the sister that lived the exact same life as me growing up, I did not have one more thing than her or visa versa...but I have to bite my tongue so much around her. LOL.But I do, that the secret. I love my family to pieces and we all have our problems. I still count family as a blessing. xoxo,Susie

  3. Love this post, Cindy Bee! Have a great week-end!

  4. I was reading along nicely and then..... PERSIMMON PUDDING... I love persimmon pudding. Adore it. Haven't had it for years though, because I'm the only one who does in my family and I so don't need to eat a whole one myself!
    You're spot-on about forgiving family. And friends. Ourselves. The bird who poo'd on the freshly washed car... Forgiveness makes everyone feel better.
    Persimmon pudding!

  5. Cocoa, pudding, and Jesus in one post? YOU are going to heaven,for sure!!!
    Jane x


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