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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas stuff

We finally got out tree decorated.  I'm trying to decide if My Shug put this up as an ornament because he thinks it will get him out of helping decorate the tree, or he really likes it.  Either way, I can't like it!

 And the whole decorating thing wore Dixie Doodle completely out!
 Here are my advent gifts for the last three days.  Ok, two days are shown.  I ate one of the days.  Peanut M&M's! YUM....a bee brush....and snot rags (tissues).
My heart skipped a beat or two when I saw this catalog in my mailbox!  I can't wait to have an evening to look through it. it.  Oh and I saw three buzzing hives today!  It was in the high 40's
Have a good weekend.

Cindy Bee


  1. Bless little Dixie Doodle! It is definitely more fun to decorate the tree than it is to un-decorate it! We worked on ours today, too.

  2. I'm with you on the shapely dressed bundle of joy...but I am totally with Dixie!!!!...:)JP

  3. Oh,Dixie Doodle! Sending a kiss for that cute belly!
    Jane x

  4. That seed book looks so pretty, it must be full of lovely things to plant. Dixie Doodle is a cutie xx

  5. What fun to have the tree done. Cindy, your shug cracked me up. Tell him a man modeled for that ornament. LOL. Can wait to see what you may order rom the catalog. Blessings to you Cindy and all your family...wowwee girl this month is half over already. , xoxo,Susie


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