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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Cozy Christmas Tree!

On Thanksgiving weekend we went to get our tree.  We always get it at Lowe's now because,'s less than 20 bills, they cut it, they wrap it, and this year they provided a tree bag and tree food too!

They have all sizes and kinds, and not all are 20 bills, but for our little studio, we always have to get tall and skinny.   For example, the one below is too fat!

....They all seemed a bit squished this year,  like they just came off of the truck...

But after much looking,
we finally found the perfect tree.
Tall and skinny!
We had to put it in the Durango, since we can no longer drive the truck very far off of the farm.
So yesterday, I cleared a spot for the tree.  Yes, that is pretty much all I do.  Clear spots!
My Shug thought it would be funny to leave it wrapped and decorate it as such!
I'm beginning to think we should have......I don't know what happened over night,
But this tree seems to have grown!
I love Big trees so I'm good with it!  It's going to be a cozy Christmas!C

Cindy Bee


  1. I'm laughing at your "clearing spots" reference. That seems to be what it is all about here, too.:-)

  2. Cindy, your tree is beautiful. I wish that I could smell it from here. Many years ago we switched to artificial and I miss the fresh smell and you can not find candles that give you that smell, no matter how much they promise it. Having it setting so close to the bed, I would imagine would give you dreams of sleeping in the forest. I love it!
    Connie :)

  3. Your tree is lovely, and I can just imagine the delicious pine-y scent! Have fun decorating!
    Helen xox

  4. What a beautiful tree! I love the thought of having a Christmas tree at the foot of my bed!!!

  5. Sweetheart..your tree exploded..LOL. I laughed when I saw the difference over night. But it looks so nice. I bet it smell wonderful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Recently, I have been thinking I would like to be living in your small space. Just enough space for two. Pretty tree!


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