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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bursting Soda Mode

 So yesterday morning I got up and decided to do some stitching on my wreath that I bought at Ornament Extravaganza.  I really had to get the house cleaned up so we can decorate, and live (it was awful after being gone all weekend) but I decided to stitch.  And besides, my friend told me not to move Dixie!
 Finally, after getting motivated, I started putting stuff away.  All of my crafty stuff (I have a lot) is stored in a room in the COLD part of the house.  Which is the entire house, except the room we live in.  I sometimes use the rest of the house for items that need refrigeration when my fridge is full. 
Visualize piles on the table if you can.
So, I picked up a basket of ornaments and when I did, my finger caught on this green basket (in the box in the picture below) which was in a box of stuff I got at an auction the other night.  The green basket crashed to the cement floor and shattered in a million pieces.  Two pieces which stuck into the side of a two liter bottle of carbonated soda that my Shug put beside the fridge rather than in the fridge.  They didn't actually stick in the soda, they just hit the soda, put two pinhole size holes in the side of it, and it started squirting out across the room.  Luckily, I had shoes on.  I ran through the glass, grabbed the soda and put it in the sink.  I thought if I opened it, it would stop squirting through the holes.  Nope.  That would have been too easy. The soda starting shooting through the top like a geyser!  I then changed my plans for the afternoon, stayed home and cleaned all afternoon. 
And I don't even like soda.  I might drink one every now and then, but it's rare.  I'm a coffee, tea, and hot chocolate kind of gal.
Yes, I know the picture is upside down.  You fix it!
See these packets.  They do not puncture or squirt or shoot in the air.  They are calming.
So that evening, I had what I am now calling my
"meltdown relief" drink.
and I stitched some more on my wreath.  This was after cleaning the entire room up, and cooking dinner.  Ok...dinner was a frozen pizza for him and popcorn for me.
Yesterday was the second meltdown I've had in two weeks!  WTH?  I'm about to have another one as I see a truck, a BIG truck pulling in our driveway and I'm in my pj's.  Double WTH?  

Think he saw me?
 I hid in the bathroom!  Call first peeps.  I have no idea who that was! And guess who forgot his phone today.  My Shug.  So I couldn't call him to see if we were expecting someone.

So anyway, what the heck is it with these meltdowns?  Oh's not all bad because when I get in "that mode," we'll call it the "bursting soda mode" I start pitching!
 As a result, I have a box of stuff going to the goodwill, I threw out two bags of "trash," and I still haven't opened the dreaded box.  (the box from last year where all the ornaments busted)
And I got my wreath finished.  It's nice starting and finishing a project in two days.  And still getting other stuff done.

 So, last evening I started a fire in the fireplace (teehee) and hung the wreath.

While heaving/pitching/placing stuff in the cold part of the house (sometimes I heave to release energy) I found this gingerman that I made last year during all of the Wool Scrap Saturday events.  I put him by the Oxford Rug Punch tree I made this year.  My decorations this year are coming on slowly.
 We are supposed to put the tree up tonight.  I have to move stuff around to make room for the tree, so I need to go.  But these at the auction the other night too.  My Shug bid on them, for me.  $2.00 each.  I love them.

and this was in my Advent calendar today.  I'm going to try to wear it under my bee suit this summer!
Cindy Bee


  1. bursting soda - maybe i need to drop one on the floor so i'll actually have to mop it - i just vacuum and sweep and hope the dogs' muddy footprints will eventually wear away. :)

  2. Cindy, I can feel the scream building I have those days too. Right now a little...that darn stove man is back and he's going to replace a sensor valve ..gosh I pray this works. Otherwise I'll have a house full of LP gas and no stove. I get scared when they fool with gas around me. I just went to pick my jeep back up...they want 1200 dollars to fix the defrosting flaps, cause they have to take the dash out to reach it....feel my scream?? I just let them change the oil...I'll take the jeep back next week. Cause it'll that them two days and I need it right now. Sodas are a big bother in those big jugs. I just need a vacation so badly...but what with fixing my jeep, i'll have to wrk on my piggy bank again.LOL> Bless us women. xoxo,Susie

  3. What a calamity with the burst bottle of soda! I think we're all feeling a bit like someone pushed the "fast forward" button on the calendar. Take a deep breath and relax.:-)

  4. You need to gift yourself a massage lady! Not so you stop heaving stuff, but to help you recuperate when it's done.


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