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Monday, December 8, 2014

Ornament Extravaganza weekend, Day 6, 7, 8

Good Monday morning!  I have got to tell you what happened to me at the Goodwill store.  It was Friday evening, dark, and raining cats and dogs. I decided after attending my friend's Mother's viewing I would go to Goodwill on the way home and cheer up.  I was in the "plastics" aisle, and I saw some melamine peeking out of the junk.  I started rooting around.  I had been wanting a blue melmac cup and plate ever since I saw
 this cute little crafty cup and tree at Horton's in Tipton a couple of years ago.
I bought the gingerbread cutter last year just in case I ever found the dishes. 
WELL....they were in my cart and some guy comes up to me and says, "Are those melmac?" 
I said, "Well, it says Melamine on the back.  Is that the same thing?" 
"No" he says. 
Then he says, "Does it say made in China?"
 I said, "No, it says Made in Illinois." 
He says, "People really like those, they are popular right now." 
I said, "Well I like them too, but I'm trying to decide if I really need them or not."   (they match Coral Belle!)
Then as I walked around I noticed he was hanging around....kind of stalking me.  I'd be at the end of an aisle and there he'd be!  Odd, I thought.
 I went to the check out and he had two heaping full carts waiting up front.  When I checked out, he got in the aisle beside me, and was leaning over looking in my cart!  WTH peeps!  So, I checked out and I called a friend and talked to her about the dishes.  I had decided I would only buy the four cups and plates, and put the rest back.  But they were still in my cart.  I told the sales lady I would put them back.   Well, my friend reminded me they would be half price the next day.  So I hid them! 
Then my friend told me I had better be careful in case the "stalker" was in the parking lot.  I said No, he wouldn't be there.  I hid the dishes and walked out to my car and I was still on the phone with my friend and he was parked somewhat close to me and got out of his car and yelled, "Did you buy those melmac dishes!"  Weird I thought!  I said, "yeah, some of them" and he got in his van and left.

Saturday morning I set up my booth at Ornament Extravaganz at 8:30, and took off with my cousin Vickie.  OE didn't start until 10:00.  We went to the Goodwill, grabbed the dishes!  They were right where I left a basket...pushed behind a bunch of other baskets....on the bottom the back!!!!  LOL!   Then we went to Patti Beck's open house.  My Shug told me I could buy something for me, from him for Christmas.  I know, not romantic but I get something I wouldn't buy myself. Well,  I probably would have bought this blondie for myself....
  but not one of these.  But he did!This picture does not do them justice and he has already hidden the one I bought from him for me.  They are not all exactly alike, being made by an artist.
 Here are some from years past.
And some other fun stuff.

 This life size santa is in front of her house.  She makes one every year to match the "santa of the year." 
 Then we hurried back and I spent the day at the Art Gallery for Ornament Extravaganza.
Here are some pictures from the Ornament Extravaganza weekend.
Good friends in this picture. Leslie on the left, Rebecca behind me and Debbie on the right.

 My Shug drilled the holes in my beeswax ornaments.  I was afraid I'd ruin them!
 They are made out of wax my bees drew out on the frames.  They were cappings and I had to melt them down and clean them out, then melt them again and put them in the molds.  I think they turned out pretty good.  If you are interested in them they are $5.00 for the larger ones and $3.00 for the candy canes and stars.
 More ornaments.  The lady behind me was selling kits to make these and they were very cute.  They would be great for a kid craft.
 More ornament kits....
 and ornaments that were for sale.

 The Granny Bee makes a different Santa each year
 and Linda R. was felting this Santa and tree. Very cute stuff ladies.  And so much talent.
 I bought one of these kits (below) only I decided to but small red beads on it for the holly berries.  I'll show you when I'm finished making it.  I have a tree I put up with all hand made ornaments on it.
Deb Working on her redwork pattern.  It's going to be a quilted tablecloth.
 Leslie working on felting, but she didn't get to work long because several of us bought the wreath kits from her and wanted her guidance.  She is so patient.
 Jeannie....well, this is funny. I said, "you look familiar to me."  "Yes, well, I'm the lady that wanted to buy your house in town really bad........"  Oh my gosh.  I knew all about her, thought she looked familiar but never placed her name with the face!  We really enjoyed getting to know each other.  She has a blog, Taking the backroad...and what was really funny (embarrassing) was when I asked her if she was on facebook and she said yes and I looked her up and we were already friends.  jeeesh....
 And on that note, and this long post, I will share with you my fun Advent calendar presents.  I got some hand cream, some socks, and an ornament that says.....

Cindy Bee


  1. That is odd about the "melamine stalker." Glad you hid the rest - and they were still there! Love all those ornaments, particularly the ones from your own bees wax!

    1. Thanks Nellie...and yes, it was weird!

  2. i think i might need a wax ornament... they are very cute. maybe my elf Vickie can get me a star... since she is my special brave star... all bee-suited and everything! what was in your advent calendar?

    1. Hi Squints! Yes I do think you NEED a wax ornament. And I will be sure that Vickie gets it to you!


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