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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weaving at the County Fair

Our county fair is this week, and as you know if you have been following my blog for any time, I always go to the fair and weave a rug. I'm part of a spinning and weaving group. We set up our wheels and looms at the cabin, dress pioneerish, and make yarns and rugs. Click here for last years post.

Last year this barn wasn't quite finished. Now it's done. When I arrived they were having a grand opening ceremony.

And last year, this man was still with us. He passed this year, and he was missed terribly at our cabin.

This was 'his' cabin. He did it all from cleaning it, to warping the looms, to scheduling weavers, etc. Everything he did on his own has been divided up amongst our group. His knowledge was infinite when it came to pioneer ways. And he was always teaching us new things.

I arrived at the cabin before anyone else was inside weaving and took a few moments to remember him. Fred, we miss you.

In his honor we are keeping the cabin open.

I wove my rug on Monday evening. I always find it amazing what outdated material can look like when turned into a rug.

I don't even remember buying this, but I'm sure it's of those examples of buying something at a garage sale because it was a good deal.

When you mix the material, with the warp on the loom...

you don't even recognize the original material.

If you go to the fair, be sure to stop by the Pioneer Village and pay us a visit.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh I would love to come there.How far are you from me anyways? :) This is such a nice barn I am sure that nice man will be missed.
    I love your rug I always wanted to try that.
    Have fun I am going to our county fair this weekend also. Should be fun. B

  2. What an amazing barn/building. Sorry you loss your friend. He must have been so much fun to be with. And I didnt know you were a weaver/spinner. Cool! Penny just bought a wheel kit, still in the process of assembling it. I hope to buy one by the end of market. It is a goal. We will see. My meds cost so crazy much. But here is hoping. I have a wheel fund. haha

  3. I'd love to come and see what you're all doing. The loss of your friend must be hard now, but what wonderful memories he must have left. xx

  4. I wish I lived closer!! Do you put the whole material in between the lines?? Or do you cut the material in strips? I'm kind of confused on that part. Sorry for Fred's loss. A wealth of knowledge left with him. xoxo

  5. How cool is that. I have not woven anything since I was in school. I got to take a small loom home one summer from my art class and had a great time weaving a wall hanging. Not sure what happened to it. It was so long ago...


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