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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scotty Camper...

I saw this camper for sale the other day on
I Love It!

I want it!

I have the perfect place to park it.

But here's the thing....I'm 54. I get up in the night and have to go potty. What do you do when you are camping and you don't have a potty and it's the middle of the night?

Cindy Bee


  1. Go outside! lol. Or you could get a chamber pot. Tee hee. Ok so it's not the most reasonable idea, but if you look around I am sure you could find something cute on CL that has a potty!

  2. Hi Nicki,

    Hey I have going outside mastered! I really do. Working on this house of ours, with no bathroom close by, you learn. And I thought about the chamber pot, but then I'd have to clean it out. ewww....Actually, the owner that has this one for sale told me to look for a Scotty Highlander. He said they are a little bigger and have a potty.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Well if you are only 54 there are many years left to experience peeing in the bushes what are you waiting for. It is so cute.
    Beware of poison ivy:) B

  4. OH oh oh, where is it???? You take a flash light with you, usually there are some kind of facilities in camp grounds. I prefer dragging a child with me so I am not walking by myself. I will have to take a grand with me if I start camping again. lol.

  5. Pickle bucket or other 5 g bucket lined with a thick garbage bag. We did this forever when camping. Not the softest but so easy to clean up! Love the camper. Please buy it and then accent it in red and I will live happily through you. This is my dream camper. Seriously in turquoise/red. It looks in really good shape. Go for it! And you can park it at the new house and be so comfy!

  6. OHH my Remember Ralph and I had one very similar to this one! we painted it orange and white to match our truck
    Only could take it to France Park, to hard to pull.
    Be dang if can remember if had potty but do know we used the potties at camp ground
    NOT like you and use the "great outdoors" Have to get one of those portable outhouses> enjoy
    the cuzin gloria

  7. I am not going to get this camper, even though I 'heart' it. I don't really NEED a camper in my life right now, and if I get one, I think it'll have to have a bathroom.

    Loved your comments!

    Cindy Bee

  8. I also LOVE this camper,super cute !!!
    Clint and I would LOVE to get RV camper for the future. This is cute, but I also think we need our own bathroom in our RV...(^.^;)"""
    I love this one though...


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