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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ripple blanket and my style!

For years I've been going to garage sales, yarn stores, and fabric stores, buying things based on the fact that they were a good deal, I liked it, or I could make something out of it. But it wasn't always 'me'. I didn't always LOVE it.

One day I was sitting at Groovy Girl Yarn, looking at a shelving unit full of beautiful yarn and I jumped up, pulled out a bunch of colors and said, I wanna make a ripple blanket out of this....these are 'my' colors.

But then....I thought about it. I slept on it. I hoarded the yarn in my very special Hoarder Bee cabinet at the store. And then, I put it all back on the shelf.

Then my cousin Vickie came over, and we went to the yarn store. I was sitting in that same spot and I said, "Vickie, you know me. Start picking out colors for my ripple blanket." So she started with blues. Yup, I love blues. She added some pinks...I Love pinks. Then we both got into and started putting the colors in order.

I love these colors, I love this yarn. So I stashed it in my Hoarder Cabinet.

I still love this yarn and am thinking maybe I will make a blanket out of it too! But, when I went in to buy this yarn.....Ultra Alpalca was on sale for $8.00 a skein! Ultra Alpalca is soooooooooo soft and regularly $10.50 a skein. I couldn't pass up the deal, so off I go..........

Look at this yummy yarn, and there are way more colors than this!

But before I picked out my new yarn, I went out to the car and got my bag of material. And here's where the bag of material came from...

I've been setting up a craft room at our new house whenever I have any spare time. I've been going through boxes of stuff that I've had put away in our basement. Lots of vintage fabric.

and lots of yarn.

See all the blues....and browns....earthtones....Oh sure there's a few brighter colors in dishcloth yarn, but lots of earthtones. Told you I've been collecting for years. I prefer collecting rather than hoarding by the way. Well there isn't one kind of yarn with several colors in my stash. When I would knit, I would knit blankets all one color. But it seems, with crochet, I like changing colors.

So here's what I did. I went through my material and pulled out a few vintage hankies, vintage pillowcases, and some material that I really loved. Then out of that stack, I only allowed myself three or four pieces of each. I made myself pick what made me feel happy. And here it is.....

I love all of these colors.

And while I was picking out my Ultra Alpaca, trying to match the colors Vickie and I picked out, Groovy Girl said, "why don't you go out to your car and get your material that you want to match."

I did.

And here's my yarn for my ripple.

We decided to match this pillowcase.

Funny thing, it matches the table cloth that I have on my table at our current house.

And by the way, we are starting or ripple blankets tomorrow (Tuesday). AND, I talked the Groovy Girl into keeping the Ultra Alpalca on sale through tomorrow night! Come make a ripple with us!

Cindy Bee


  1. Leave it to me to talk some sense in to
    I knew that was your style all along...It was just the breakaway that was a bit risky

  2. Oh my ... just look at that stash. I think I have stash envy! I'm going to show Andy these photos so he knows that i don't have anything that comes close and that maybe he should feel lucky that I'm so restrained (think that'll work?!!)

    Love those colours! I would kill to be able to buy some of the ultra alpaca at $8 ... or even find some alpaca yarn in these parts. In fact I'd kill to have a yarn store like I had in Canada where I could go in and have a chat, get out my crochet and stay a while (getting a few hints and tips along the way). They're a bit snooty in my LYS here and I don't really have the confidence to talk yarn in German .. let alone crochet. Don't get me wrong, I love living here ... just need better yarn and fabric stores. I'm resorting to online shopping which really isn't the same. *Sigh*

  3. ....and you will show us what a ripple blanket is as you get going right? Love the colors.

  4. Looks to me like you could open your own store. ;) I LOVE your colors!!

  5. Wow you have been putting it all together. Is is making your crafting juices flow? Sounds like it and I love the colors and a great way to bring it all together!

  6. Lovely colours! Can't wait to see your progress.

  7. Hi Cindy, you really picked some lovely colors, it is going to be so cozy, and stunning. I can not wait to see the finished project. You, young lady are an astonishing bundle of talent.
    I want to take is opportunity to thank you for all your help in creating my new blog.
    I was a little bit scared to hit that button and make this happen, but I knew that you were behind me . . . supporting my efforts. Thanks for all your help . . . I hope you will enjoy the songs that I post. Keep a song in your heart, Connie :)


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