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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Festivities Part II (and crochet and yarn..of course!)

Ok so back to the's been too hot and dry. The festivities were mostly canceled. Either by us or by them. We didn't get to go to Conner Prairie this year. Too hot. Our town canceled their fireworks. Too dry. But I did go out last Saturday night with my Sister and Cousin and saw Magic Mike. Mike (Channing Tatum) was hawt. So was Matt a dorky kind of way. It was a fun movie. After the movie we went out for a drink, to cool off.

My bees....

remember when I told you sometimes they hang out on their hives because they get hot.

Yup...They're hot.

It's hot and dry and getting a bit scary. Temps reached 101 degrees yesterday. Supposed to reach 103 today. But we do still have our homes. The wildfires in Colorado and surrounding areas are out of control. Keep those people in your thoughts and prayers. Especially this lady. I was just telling my Shug about how the fires are getting close to her home. We went to bed and as I lay (lie?) there in bed reading blogs on my phone, I said, "oh no."

We also said "oh no" at crochet class on Tuesday night, when we saw this!!!

What the?????

Yup...Granny Bee caught the yarn on her foot from her hat she was crocheting as she walked away.......LOL! K said, "ooooh lawwwdeeee lawwwdeeeee......" Have I mentioned before how much we laugh when we get together? I am telling y'all, get a group of women together and start crocheting, or something, go to your local yarn store, take a class, do something together, you'll have fun!

My hat is almost done. My teacher took it away when I made my brim too loose. She ripped it out and just did it herself!

Do I care?

Naaaahhhh....I could have done it (say in a boastful voice)
I just need to make a flower for it then it'll be done.

I got a couple of gift certificates for my birthday for Groovy Girl yarn, and some cash.

I feel a ripple coming on.............

I'm serious about this.....ripple...that is.

Get your yarns together and join in....

Stay tuned while I tell you how I picked out my yarn for my ripple.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, Those poor bees. I hope they stay. You girls and your hats...what fun. :)
    I am wore out from our 4th of July reunion...Too much time on my feet, my arthritis is really hurting. That is exactly why I don't riverdance:):) Smiles, Susie

  2. Isn't this summer odd? I sincerely hope you don't have any fires. We've been watching TV coverage of the Colorado fires - just doesn't bear thinking about. Summer hasn't really arrived here; northern Europe hasn't seen a whole lot of the sun so far and way too much rain / thunder. Hope your bees are OK.

  3. Oh Cindy we are truly blessed I am still praying and hoping I don't know what else to do.
    I like the yarn on the foot at least it was not toilet paper on the shoe but that would be funny.
    Let us keep laughing and hopefully everyone will get through the things they are going through. Laughter can only help Hug B

  4. Cindy Bee,
    I heard that movie was alittle too hot to handle. All that hot up your way, no wonder you needed a drink out with friends! ;)

    Poor Granny Bee - that would have made me so mad if I had caught yarn and walked.

    Have a great time spending your fun money. Now, what's a ripple?


  5. Oooo; I know someone who is going to have a blast getting yarn! Glad you had fun =)

  6. y'all have way too much fun. I'm jealous. lol

  7. I have so much fun with you all...Sorry i grabbed your hat from you....I had no choice

  8. Hi there Cindy Bee,

    Im sorry to hear about the fires you are having. So strange to imagine it, when it is miserable and freezing over here at the moment.

    I agree with you about a group of women getting together for crafting - especially when they start singing old, old, old, they do in my church bead making group.

    I still dont know why you managed to wrangle your own spesh cupboard..



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