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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's PARTY!!!!!

OK so after the Kelley Bee tour, we headed to the hotel we were staying at. And on the way I wanted to get a helium balloon, and put 60 one dollar bills in it for Jeff's 60th birthday. Now understand, we don't usually do those kinds of birthday gifts, but these people have been gracious to us over the years and we felt like this one time, we'd give him something besides a garage sale gift!

But when I went to the grocery store the conversation went something like this....
Me, "Can I get some help in the floral department please?"
Salesperson (and we were in Kentucky remember) "Whuuun moment, Aahl see if I can find somewhun."
Lady walks up...
Me, "I'd like to have THIS helium balloon filled, but first I'd like to put 60 one dollar bills in it."
SL (SalesLady) "Ooooh huuney we haven't had any helium all month."
Me, confused, and looking at other helium balloons already up....
SL, "yeaaah, whe called K-Mart and Wal-Mart and thare owt toooo."
Me, "well, why don't you order some more."
SL, "Ooh huuney, haven't youu heard...there is uh helium shortage? We can't get hanymore. We're only allowed to blow up so many helium balloons a month, and now we're completely owt uuv helium. It's why we've been creative with these candy bar bouquets and stuff."
Me, "You mean you can't get any helium at all."
SL, "Well nooo huney, the whole country is short on helium."
Me, Looking incredulous and wondering why I didn't know this. So then I ask where the regular balloons are and I'm wondering what I"m going to do for a gift when I have two hours till party time and no helium.
Then at the check out....with only a pack of balloons, I tell the lady what I'm up to and she says, "Wheeellll it's thu truuuth....and I hear it may take years before we build that helium back up again."

I called my Sister and asked if she knew and she said, "are you sure they didn't say county?" Well I'm pretty sure.

So there you have it folks....our country is short on helium. Did you know that? No more helium balloons for parties and such. You grandchildren will not know what it's like to suck in helium and make your voice sound real high and funny.

So we get to the motel and while my Shug swims, and doesn't worry about the gift, I stay in the room drinking wine (we went to a winery) and rolling up all of these one dollar bills and stuffed them into balloons with no helium. Laaaawwww (I'm in Kentucky remember - they say things like Laaaaaw)

Ok let's party....

We arrive at the party....

and even though they have a gorgeous house and pool,

we always spend all of our time at the Building. As luck would have it, it rained that day...hard. But by the evening the rain stopped. They still put a tent up, just in case. And that's where the party started. With food...and drinks....of course.

And here is "The Building."

The Building is usually enclosed with screens, but they took them out for the party, and built a stage for the band.

My Sis, her Husband, their kid, their kid's friend, and my Shug.

Me, and Liz. I hate it when pictures are taken from a sitting position looking up. It makes a person look like a giant. (no comments please)

My Sis's Mother in Law

awww, me and My Shug

awwww, My Sis and her Shug and kids

Me and Sis with the Birthday Boy!

Kids were only allowed until 9:30 pm, then they had to go home.

So they got the dancing started before they left!

Have you ever heard the band "Endless Summer?" They are wonderful.

(click on their name for a sample of their music)

After a bit of dancing we went on the deck to sit by the fans and cool down.

The next day we went back to their house and spent the day and night with them.

Of course, we all hung out at The Building. And it rained off and on all day.

The only people with energy were the kids. (maybe we should have left at 9:30 too!)

They loved being on stage...

and playing in the puddles

and being cool...

and running all over the yard.

Oh yeah - the gift......we gave the Birthday Boy his balloon gift,

but couldn't resist the yard sale gift too. It worked out, even without helium!

Of coure, the next day, the day we had to leave, the sun was out and shining brightly! We had breakfast and left around noon, but not before seeing one last show.

A water show that the girls made up.

"the pencil" dive.

The "broken pencil" dive.

The twirl dive.

and the Squirrel dive. And they thought I wasn't paying attention?

I hope you enjoyed the party. I did!

I'm ready to go back!

Cindy Bee


  1. A helium shortage ... who'd have thought!?! I just had to google it and, would you believe it, there is a world-wide shortage of helium .. not just in good ole Kentucky!! Sorry - I didn't actually read the articles to see why (went to fill my wine glass instead!).

    Looks like you had a great time. Great idea for a gift, even if you did have to blow the balloons up yourselves!

    Agreed - people should be banned from taking photos from a low angle - not because of your photos here, but it's just common sense .. no one looks their best at that angle and then there's always the chance of seeing nose hair (so not pretty!)

  2. You should have bottled some of that wetness and brought it back home with you! :o) J/K...sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  3. It looks like a wonderful time, complete with Twirly Squirrel dives!

    Oh, and I hate to tell you Cindy but you ARE a giant....a giant heart and smile. =)

  4. Wow! That was some party! Cute idea with the cash and balloons.

  5. Cindy, What a trip. I had to helium "evah agin"LOL. The diving is cute.Sounds as if you enjoyed yourself anyway. Glad of that.Smiles, Susie

  6. What a fun time you all had! Who'd of thought a helium shortage. Now I have to google it and find out why.

  7. Oh my that looks like a party WORTH the 6 hour drive~ What fun!

  8. Wow, just wow. Reading this I thought those people must be crazy. Helium shortage *snort* Then I too Googled it. Never really thought about it before but I guess it makes sense that there could be a shortage. Still sounds weird even after finding proof on Google!


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