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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our best behavior.....

Last night several of us went to Matteo's restaurant in Noblesville, IN for dinner. It was to celebrate my birthday. We went a week late because I enjoy First Friday in Noblesville, and last night was going to be jazz music. However, it was 104 degrees outside, the air conditioning in Matteo's wasn't working properly, and we were all just way too hot. So we went from dinner, to my Sister and her husband's house for dessert. Since there was so many of us, we had three separate tables at the restaurant. Our table decided that we were going to be on our best behavior, because Mystery Man showed up!

Mystery Man is my cousin's boyfriend. They've been dating over a year and we've never met him. Until last night.

All went well.....

for about 5 minutes.

Even their spoiled dog was being good.

But this kid gave the "being good" thing some thought,

and with a little encouragement, decided the consequences would be worth the action.

So she turned on some app on the ipad, went over to my Shug and sat on his leg. The ipad made some huge farting noise, and Mystery Man was sitting to My Shug's left. Oh dear....some of us simply forgot about being good. We really did.

My Sister tried reminding us....

but then this guy showed up,

and everything just went to hell!

I say if you are going to date someone, you might as well see what the family is like from the beginning.

My Sister tried to regain some decorum by lighting the candles on my cake. The cake she made.

But then, the guy beside her accused her of not really making the cake. Oh dear again.

Or should I say, "Laawwwwdeeeee lawwdeeee lawwwdeeee."

She did in fact, make the cake, she adamantly explained.

But not these.....these....she ordered.

It was all yummy. I sure wish I had some of that chocolate today. I told her to freeze it for the next party, and save that port wine too. I hope she did.

For my birthday I got this sunflower wine glass, which I am anxious to try out!

Along with some dipping oil from Matteo's and this cute little wallet.

Inside the wallet was YARN MONEY!

For those of you who asked....THIS is a ripple.

Cindy Bee


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all, happy belated birthday. xxx

  2. Looks like such fun! I feel slightly sorry for Mystery Man meeting everyone all together like that, but I hope he survived and had a good laugh with you al!!

  3. How much fun is that! Love the wine glass very summery. And everyone should be themselves when there is a newbie added to the family as long as they do not do anything to deliberately embarrass them. They need to feel at home to be their selves also. Hey Cindy Bee I am trying to decide whether to take a long weekend in Sept. or Oct. to visit family in Indiana. I am hoping to meet up with you on the way through and my grade school friend I have kept in touch with all these years in Sedelia. (did I spell that right does not look like it) My sister's 50th birthday is Oct 20th but it is on a Saturday and not sure if her daughter or anyone else already has a day planned for her so I am just torn on what I should do. Do not want to have her change her plans because I am visiting everyone. What do you think? Sorry looonng comment.

  4. Cindy, It sounds like it was all fun . You'll know if the new guy shows up at the next family thing. Smiles, Susie
    happy birthday to you .

  5. I think it's good to be bad....;) what a fun night! If mystery man still is still around good for him....if not oh well, because you all are a group on fun!

    Ok it. Grandmom used to make afghans like that and if we weren't such idiots....we would NOT have given them away, we would have saved them. UGH!

    Can't wait to see the colors you chose.

    Man, can July can any more fun for you????


  6. Fun fun I want cake now and chocolate why did you show that? :)
    I am so happy you got yarn money I am sure you are running low. B

  7. Hi Cindy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like you had a fun get together.
    Thank you for all your help. I think that I will get to creating that new blog sometime next week. I've been away all this week and you should see the weeds that have come up while I was away. My dear sweet Steve watered and kept everything alive, so I didn't loose any potted flowers in the heat~wave they had, but boy did the weeds grow. I use to subscribe to Mary Jane Farms, but not any more. Now that I'm blogging, I fine so much to read and gorgeous ideas on line, that I'm saving money on magazines. You have been such a wonderful help. Thank, thank you. thank you, you're a sweetheart. Connie :)

  8. Happy belated birthday! It isn't a party until you bring out the fart noises! Who would have thought an app would be the modern day whoopie cushion?

  9. Cindy bee Happy Belated Birthday! I am with you should act like normal when new people are around.Lol it sounds like a fun time, HUgs Cheri

  10. My dog spoiled??

  11. Happy Birthday Cindy Bee! Sorry I won't get to see you this weekend!
    Safe travels

  12. I missed your birthday?! Happy belated! Here's to a fabulous, fulfilling, fun YEAR ahead!


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