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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Please God, make it rain!

This is what our sky looks like right now.

Please God, make it rain.

I've heard some farmers are selling their cattle. They can't graze, there isn't any grass. They are feeding them hay now, the hay is not growing so they won't have it for the winter, and it won't be affordable to buy and feed.

Our state is under a Severe Drought.

You cannot burn anything for fear of fires. We didn't get to have our annual fireworks.

Campsites are hurting for business because campers cannot grill out or have campfires.

In many cities you cannot water your lawn or wash your car. Including businesses. If you do, you will be warned, then fined.

I read on facebook that there is a new business of painting lawns green!

Landscape businesses are hurting. The ground is as hard as a rock.

You can't even go barefoot because it hurts your feet. And it's summer!

The grass crunches and breaks under your feet.

The only thing growing are the weeds.

I just want to reach up

and squeeze those clouds!

Cindy Bee


  1. Pretty much the same thing here. Fingers crossed for storms tonight. We will send them your way after a good long drink here. Hasn't this summer been a beast. Not really blogging right now, working on some health stuff. But, still having a peek around every now and then.

  2. Oh Cindy we are the same here we just started feeding our cattle the hay we just took off. It was not enough to get us through the winter so we were going to cut our herd in half but now since we are feeding early we will have to sell more than we planned. This was to be a good year for prices after years of bad prices so a lot of farmers are going to take a beating. We hope to break even on the cost of taking our hay off (expensive fuel and baler twine, and land rent) and pay the accumulated bills but it is starting to look very doubtful. It is emotionally hard to sell most of what you have worked so very hard to raise.
    Squeeze those clouds we don't even see them lately. It is a very sad thing food is going to be scarce and expensive. B

  3. I feel so badly for the farmers and everyone else suffering because of this heat wave. We need rain too but not as desperately as you. I hope you get it soon.

  4. We have the opposite problem, so much rain, floods, crops destroyed by the constant rain, the worse summer. I really hope you get some rain soon. xx

  5. Hi Cindy bee,It humbles us all how were not in control of nature. I will say a prayer for rain tonight. Here in southern California were in fire season all year round now. But the midwest is having it bad for drought!! Hugs to all Cheri

  6. We're in the same boat here- not that it helps to be in good company. I think many, many people are praying for rain right now. As rough as it is, this makes me glad I've got my garden to help cushion us from the rising food prices I can see on the horizon.
    Hope you get some rain soon.

  7. I feel "our" pain. I live in Alabama. It is and has been crazy/bad HOT! Walking to my mail box Hurts. My mama always said: be careful what you pray for... He will provide..

  8. Opposite problem here - too much rain and it's quite cold for summer ... yet about an hour's drive south it's a normal European summer. The jet stream is in the wrong place ... but they keep saying on UK TV that it's about to move north in time for the Olympics and then things should be more normal. Wonder if that will help you guys if it really happens?

    My heart goes out to the farmers and the businesses that are struggling - there's no way to prepare for anything like that. Let's pray for rain for you and a bit of sun for us.

  9. Here in Minneapolis we received quite a bit of rain last night, and the air/sky seem full of moisture again today.

    Hoping it heads toward Indiana...


  10. The majority of the country right now is needing rain. We are dry also but have been getting some hit and miss storms with rain. The only bad thing is the lightening hitting and catching fire. Hope y'all get rain soon! xo

  11. Hi Cindy Bee,

    Sorry to hear about the drought/heat problems.
    I will say a prayer for you. I hope you got the rain from those clouds.

    For the past couple of years in Oz we had rain, rain and more rain through summer.
    But the few years before that were bad drought years, similar to what you are describing, with lots of water restrictions.

    Sending lots of rain clouds your way.


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