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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Groovy Girl Art

Remember the other day when I said I'd tell you more about this picture...later. Well, it's later....and I'm excited.

I have been helping a friend prepare to open a yarn store. OK - not JUST a yarn store. It's an 'art' store, that has LOTS of GOOD yarn! I will no longer have to drive an hour or longer to buy good yarn (except maybe my favorite cotton-sigh-because she doesn't carry that-yet)

And I made this lamp. OK I didn't actually make the lamp, I wrapped the shade in yarn. This place is in an old three story building downtown, which is being used by our local Art Association. She is renting a section of the loft in that building for her shop. And her shop is just a bit bordering on the tacky side....which makes it a comfy and fun place to hang out.

I helped make these too- I love doing this stuff. I made these all the time when I was a kid, so when I left her place, I went straight to Target to buy some tissue to make some for myself!

And this is the CROCHET QUEEN herself! Yup, this place is gonna be about CROCHET. Have I mentioned I'm excited.

She is also an artist and will have some of her art for sale,

and OPENING DAY IS MONDAY. In three days.

I love these Diva's modeling her hats. She's even going to have a class on painting these heads. And I do believe they will be for sale as well.

So, put on your sensible shoes, and walk up to the loft to see us on Opening day for

fun, food, prizes, etc.

Bring your hooks and stay awhile.

It's called Groovy Girl Art,

it's in the Artworks Gallery. Three floors of art.

210 N. Main Street, Kokomo, IN

1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

For More Information, check out her blog.

WTH - just go check out her blog anyway!

And if you don't crochet, she's going to have classes so you can learn.

In the meantime, just come to opening day and

meet Buck!

What I'm most excited about, besides being able to buy good yarn, is to have a place to hang out with like-minded women who like to crochet. The stuff we are going to learn from each other and the friendships made will be invaluable.

Join us...

Cindy Bee


  1. This creative shop project of yours looks and sounds exciting and so much fun. I just love your flowers, lampshade and buck's fashionable attire. I wish you every success and may we share your thrills and beautiful artworks like crochet, sewing stuff and paintings, etc.
    I'm a novice crocheter making covers for ipads, cell phones and nooks. I'm crocheting little peach colored cell phone covers with pink felt butterflies sewn on them for my kids new Tracfone LG800G smart phones as I don't want to get their touch screens scratched as they cost me $50 ea. Mind you I only pay $6/month for 40 minutes talk time for each kid, quite the bargain.
    Oh boy I'm having fun decorating the hi-tech pouches with flowers, stripes big dots, felt animals, etc.

  2. Cindy, If I get downtown Kokomo, I am going to check the shop out. I was thinking yesterday, that I need to teach Emma(g.d.) to crochet. Although I am so rusty at it, I think I could only make a scarf. Smiles, Susie

  3. I'm very jealous!! Wish I had a decent yarn store anywhere near *sigh*

  4. Wow Cindy Bee your going to have fun! It's fun to have a place to hang out with others that like the same thing, Cheri

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  6. How fun! Looks like you have been busy helping to get ready. Enjoy your time!

  7. oh goodness, that looks like such fun! If I lived in your neck of the woods, I would definitely be visiting and soaking in the goodness.

  8. On a side note - where is the link to your other blog Cindy, where you were sharing your new home?? I used to have it saved in my favourites, but I can't find it :(

  9. Cindy...if you have the time would you tell me how to make those flowers out of tissue paper...PLEASE! I'm babysitting for one of my grand daughters this week and this would be such fun!!!! ""...:)JP

  10. Oh how wonderful, I wish so hard it was close by so I could come and learn new things and soak up the crochetness! Have fun xx

  11. I wish all of you could come by and join us. Wouldn't it be a blast! Hmmmm, maybe someday we'll have to have a SKYPE Crochet council!

    Quiet Corner - She said she got the instructions from Martha Stewarts blog. I'm making some smaller ones for Easter so I'll try to do a post on them Tuesday or WEdnesday.

    Cindy Bee

  12. Now that is going to be a fun shop to go to - IM envious!!!!

  13. now that is awesome.... wish her goodluck.... hugs

  14. I sure wish I was closer to come hang with y'all. I told RJ best of luck earlier.


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