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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hi everyone, I'm back. My Shug and I went on a trip with two of my cousins and their wives to Las Vegas, Nevada. I thought I'd tell you about it in a few short posts, rather than huge long ones like I usually do. But before I do that, let me explain the Italy trip! Years ago my Sister and I commented that we'd like to go to Italy. I even bought us these little pots that we were supposed to put change in to save for a trip to Italy. Our parents have also wanted to go to Italy, and at one time even put money down to take a trip with the church. They canceled. So, my Sister asked me if she could go, and they wanted to go, would I go? Sure I said. Then I get a text from her a couple of weeks ago asking if I could get together over the weekend to talk about the trip. Sure I said again. We all met at Mom & Dad's. My Sister brought up on their computer, asked for our drivers license, entered the information in the computer......I said....are we going to discuss this a little bit more.....she looks at me as she pushes the button that says "purchase tickets!" WHAT? WTH! I said. We are going to Italy. End of discussion. And we are going in May.

Now, the trip I just got back from was the Las Vegas trip. It was actually planned far in advance. Sometime in January I think. My cousin, Jamie, turned 50. When I turned 50 a few family members surprised me by showing up in Las Vegas. When Johnny turned 50, his wife had a party for him at Planet Hollywood. This part of the family live on the other side of the tracks...not to be confused with the wrong side of the tracks, mind you, just the other side. When my other cousin Vickie turned 50, we all went to Vegas. So when Jamie turned 50 a few of us went to Vegas. Needless to say, I'm a bit tired of Vegas. I'm not a gambler...more on that I took my crocheting and hung out by the pool during the day, or walked a lot.

Anyway, this cousin from the other side of the tracks took care of our motel room. This was the view. I thanked him a bunch, as it was not the usual rooftop/air conditioner unit we are used to looking at!

There is my Shug, down there in the hot tub.

This is the INDOOR shopping area in our motel/casino.

One time when I was in Vegas, in one of these indoor shopping casino places I made the comment to my cousin, right as we walked into the shopping area, that it is clouding up outside.

Sadly, I was serious. This really is inside. They paint the ceiling to look like you are outside.

Las Vegas is a totally amazing place.

More later...give me time to get caught up. Between the three hour time difference, and the one hour time change, and the late night hours, I'm exhausted!

Cindy Bee


  1. Hope you had a relaxing time with your crochet, Cindy!!

  2. I would love to go to Italy again, I went when I was about fourteen, but I don't think I really appreciated it. I'm sure you will have a marvellous time!

  3. Hey! I recognize that hotel!:) My husband goes almost every winter to LV for the World of Concrete & I went with him a few years back & we stayed here {I forget the hotel name :/} anyhoo...I LOVED the ceiling & walking around the indoor mall! Unfortunately that was about all I liked there :)...
    Italy sounds lovely!:)I am sure special memories will be made!

  4. Jess is coming in May and we will be in Italy for the weekend... wouldn't it be crazy if we all met up for a gelato? Let me know when & where. You never know???

  5. Those are amazing photos Cindy.

    Gosh, it is an amazing place all right. I was watching a programme on the telly the other night about it, and they were spending millions (maybe even billions, who knows) on this big Venezian place, it looked like the real thing.

    How exciting about the Italy trip, How exciting, do you know which bits you are going to?


  6. Well Miss World traveler, glad you are back! I have been to Vegas once many years ago. I am not a gambler either but I did walk from one end of the strip to the other one day, with some friends, and enjoyed checking out each of the casinos on the way. The MGM was the newest casino when I was there. Wow, I guess your going to Italy!

  7. I've never been west of Minnesota or Mississippi (north & south). It's on my bucket list. Sounds like you had a decent time. Any time with crochet is a good time right? :o)

  8. Hey you guys, let me know if you ever come back to read this. I'm trying to decide the usual blogger to answer comments.

    Alee - the Hotel you are looking at is Bellagio. The hotel we stayed in is Planet Hollywood.

    Selena - We are flying out of Indiana on May 9 and flying into Rome the morning of May 10.

    Fi - The "bits" we are going to as of right now are Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan.

    Brenda - I've been going to Vegas for years and years, and I've walked that strip before too, but now there is no way. It's changed A LOT since those days. MGM isn't the end of the strip anymore. The Sands is gone. And the casinos are the size of small towns.

    Yes Hookin it - Any time with crochet is good!

    Everyone else, thanks for commenting.

    Cindy Bee

  9. I do come back when I remember. I was sooo much younger myself when I walked it...It has been a long time for sure.

  10. Hi again :)- I come back when I remember too :)!My husband said that we wer eat the Venetian ?!? So they must have the same lovely ceiling!


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