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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's been going on in my world

Hey Blog friends.....I'm back. I actually haven't been gone, just busy. I have been keeping up with your blogs while I lay, or is it lie, in bed at night. I bring my phone with me, turn the sound off, and scroll through blogs. So even though I haven't commented, I've been trying to keep up. Here's what my world has been like this week.

First off, as you know, my MIL is in Assisted Living. She was supposed to go home in three months, but the bronchitis has set her back. The place that she is currently living, rented her apartment. Long story there which I'm not going to bother going into. So...long story short...she's moving.

I took a few pics of this place.

The place she is moving to.

I'd like to spend some time in a place like this by the ocean! Any ocean. Any body of water really...

Above photos are the dining area.

These two pics are of the pub. They have Happy Hour every Friday.

They also have a soda fountain/ice cream social place. They have an ice cream social gathering every Monday. She will be moving next month. One of these days I'm going to do a post of all of the things that need to be done to move someone into assisted living.

Many people think once someone is in AL, there is nothing left for you to do. Well, just this week I met with the manager of this place twice. First meeting, two hours, second meeting one hour. Then met with the manager at the AL place she is currently living at. Then took paperwork to her doctor to get filled up. Haven't picked it up yet. Got three phone calls from my MIL. One day she needed pens (to write with), next day, hearing aid batteries, next day, light bulb for beside light. Not complaining, just saying...

I thought I'd show this to you. My Shug trash picked it. A bookcase made out of Mow-hawg-un-eee! Not pressboard. Real wood. People, keep throwing out your old stuff because I love it!

My neighbor gave me a huge bucket of these...can you tell what they are?

yup - carrots.

So, whenever I have had a few moments, I've been cleaning, cutting, and blanching carrots.

I got my hairs cut. It's still kinda long but it was way longer than this. And it's now layered. And this pictures is self-taken with my phone, so it's not so great.

A couple of weeks ago I started making another Lucy bag (Attic 24). I made one of these a few months ago but it was just too big. So I switched to a size smaller hook, and started another one. Well, after about 20 rows too many, I decided it was too big as well.

Actually, I went to my Granny Bees meeting and there was a consensus. Too big. So I ripped out all of these rows. See the balls of yarn above. Yup, add about ten more balls of yarn to those, and you will have an idea of how much yarn I ripped out.

And started over. I'm liking it so much now that I might end up lining it and using it as a summer fun purse.

And My Shug is still working on the house. If you check out the house blog (see side bar) you'll notice our lights and ceiling fans are hung. He has finished the pantry.

I've always said I didn't want a "big store" house. Know what I mean? And we have hoarded wood and such for years. We'll be driving along and see a pile of old wood from something torn down and I'd say, "STOP!" So, he stop and load it up.

And this is the wall in my craft room. My craft room is one big room of which part of it will be used for storage. This is the dividing wall. Cool huh? Someday, I might paint the doors. But right now I have enough on my plate and I just want stuff done.

This is the kitchen wall. We're using old wood for it too. It's a lot more work using old stuff to make a house have character, but to me, it's worth it.

And these are the pantry doors. They're new, and weren't my choice.
I might put material behind them. Not sure. What happened was My Shug special ordered them, and when they came in he didn't like them. But because they were a special order they couldn't be returned. So we figured out where to put them. We won't be living down here forever and they aren't that bad, just wouldn't have been my choice for a messy pantry.

Looks like this pic is out of order and guess what? I'm not going to move it up there with the others. Gotta get moving! I need to get out to the house and work. But anyway, see that dark blue stripe, then light blue then bright yellow...well that bright yellow is where I started back in from whence I ripped it out. So I'm making progress.

I've also been loading up the Durango and moving stuff from our house to the new house.

And helping a friend.

This was my project....

Pretty huh?

And I helped with these.

But this all deserves a post of it's more on it later!

Peace and Love,

Cindy Bee

PS - Last night, my Aunt Esther had a stroke. Please keep her in your prayers.


  1. I will pray for your Aunt Esther.
    I like where your MIL is going it is nice.

    Love your dividing wall of doors. Boy you are a busy girl.
    Have fun take care. B

  2. As usual you are super busy and your house is coming along so quickly now. I'm very excited for you!

    I've been taking a break from blogging too due to laziness, being busy and work. When I get the mojo back I'll start it up again.

    I love your new bag.

    Sorry about Aunt Esther.


  3. Love the doors your using for a divider wall! I used some old bi-folding doors from a closet at my old house to separate my laundry from my craft area. Covered them with wall paper. But I like what you are using so much more! Now somewhere I have a magazine that did something like this but they added shelves on the flat surfaces and some corner shelving where the doors are hinged together. That was really cool also. Going over to see what is going on at the house from here.

  4. Oh man...poor Aunt Esther. She'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Girl you are so busy. And you could paint those glss panes, or put curtains up. With the curtains you could put the rods on the top and bottom so they don't sway. I think painting them with flowers or whatever you'd like would be cool. Maybe an outside or beach scene? Just an idea. And why would anyone throw away mahogany?? You can't hardly get that anymore and if you do it's so expensive. Bet you can't wait til this house is done and you can slow down huh?

  5. I'm exhausted just reading about everything you've got on the go!!

    But they have had it.
    And they have had it with OSIRIS- ROVE- MEESE- and" BUSESH".
    So you can just HYTEDICA- DICCE- COCNINE it right back to " STING"!
    And OURING!
    That's the HOURPORE of RICK the PRICK and SLICK!
    It's thay ZKSLY with DI!
    It's that RY SEA with RY!
    And it's now all CAPPERS - SKINDEPO with SKESTE!

  7. Love the haircut! And love the place MIL is going to move to - its almost like one of those all inclusive resorts! And we certainly will keep your Aunt Esther in our prayers too...!


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