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Monday, March 5, 2012

Girls day/night out

In my last post I mentioned I was getting ready for a girls day out with my cousin and sister. My cousin and I decided to leave early and go to Zionsville. Nicki, from The Vintage Farmhouse

was having a garage sale, and a yarn store moved to another location, all in the same town. So off we went.

I bought some vintage material items at the sale.

This is actually drapes.

A pink and brown hand towel. The color didn't show up right in my picture.

doilies and embroidered items

some old Easter decorations, and other fun stuff. We got there a bit late and stuff had been picked over but it was still fun, and it was nice to visit with Nicki. I met her through blogging.

And check out her chicken coop! What spoiled chickens.

Then we proceeded to the town of Zionsville. First stop, yarn store.

Whatever made you think I wasn't buying any more yarn? That'd be just crazy. I am donating money but that's another post, another story.

They have this yummy fantasy naturale' cotton that I like to make fun stuff with, and I can't get this yarn in my town.

Look at all of these colors to choose from.

And here's some pics of the quaint town of Zionsville, IN.

We found this pie shop right around the corner from the yarn store, and decided to splurge. I was doing so well eating healthy too.

That's Vickie enjoying a blueberry/peach piece of pie. Deeeelish. I had red rasberry.

Then we headed to my Sister's house. Apparently her husband wasn't watching their child yet, because this is what we saw when we walked into their house.

My sister was telling the girls..."Nooooooo"....several times while they continued to zoom down the stairs on this slick sleeping bag. They were going way too fast.

Then we headed to this place in downtown Indianapolis. We were having a glass of wine, a three course dinner, and jewelry making. "Dine & Bling" My sister bought the tickets for us, for a Christmas present.

My first thought was....another mansion! I need to get in the attic area and get some pics!

This place was HUGE. Made the mansions from last weekend look small.

The story about this place is a brewery owner built it. He was doing quite well, until....prohibition hit the United States. He lost it all. Sad. Now it's used for special events and womens groups.

Every window I looked out in the attic area I could still see the house.

It was that big.

Now, from this point on, let me just's a good thing a glass of wine was included in this "dine & bling" event, because it helped with tempers. There were about 80-100 women at this event and we were in the ballroom. Third floor. At least a dozen tables full of women. When the TWO waiters started serving salad, it was getting late. TWO waiters for all of these women, and a third one filling water glasses. One end of the room would be done eating while the other end would be just getting their food. The food was cold and tasted like TV dinners. I'm serious. My sister, who I don't think has ever sent anything back told me to send it back. She took a bite of my chicken and winced. She said it was colder than hers. It was cooked through though, and the waiters were working their tails off. We decided we wouldn't complain because we were excited to make the bracelet they showed on their web site.

Then they started putting this "craft" on our table. Oh my goodness. I asked the guy where the beads were. Don't know....we just volunteer. Wait until you see this craft. You ready?

These people were at the same table as us gave me permission to put them on my blog.

You take this baggie that was previously painted on with fabric paint. It was already dry.

You pull the paint off of the baggie.

You paint the card stock backing.

Wad up the peeled off paint and stick it on the card stock. Glue on some earring backs...

You have earrings! Yup folks. That was the craft. Not what they showed on their web site. Look how hideous. Several people got up and walked out. We didn't want to do that because the lady heading up the craft was very excited and prepared. She went to a lot of work to provide us with the material to do this late 80's early 90's craft.

Doesn't she look sweet?

I sent an e-mail and complained today. They are supposed to refund my sister's money. We'll see.

The good thing was we had a fun day anyway. We had a LOT of laughs that night. We were together....eating bad food...and making bad crafts. Could be worse, huh?

Cindy Bee


  1. I am glad you enjoyed each others company because the craft was certainly disappointing. Cold food, if my hubs were there it would be the end of the night. But the yarn looked lovely, how much did you go home with?

  2. Yep, coulda been worse. But you had a wonderful day with wonderful company. That's what counted. :o) BTW...Leo is hanging in there. I worry every day when I come home from work how he's going to be, if he's going to be there at the gate. The day I don't hear him barking when I stop at the mailbox on the way in, is when I'm going to freak.

  3. Hi Brenda,

    I bought a few skeins of the cotton yarn that I make fun things with, and I bought something to make a bright colored hat with. Not sure I'll actually make a hat with it. I love the way it looks knitted up so it may end up a scarf for me! Doesn't take much for that yarn to add up, but I enjoy it. You can actually see the cotton in the pic. They were winding it up for me.

    Kat - I know exactly how you feel about Leo. I've been through it a couple of times and it's hard. Just don't let the poor guy suffer.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Cindy, I bet you girls laughed your butts off after you left that craft thing. I love Zionsville, been there one time to shop and one time for a lacrosse game. Cindy, you are a smart cookie. That thing I got at the sale is indeed an egg coddler. I enjoy your mansion pictures.Smiles, xo, Susie

  5. I'm loving all of those photos, it sure looks like you had a lovely time. Oh and that yarn - simply delicious!!!!
    Mel x

  6. Susie,
    We laughed while we were there AND all the way home. Complained a bit too.

    Mel, Thanks. We did have a lovely time.

    Cindy Bee

  7. OMG, Cindy! That is too funny (probably not at the time tho)
    Now I know what to do with my dried up paint off the palette!
    I might start selling it!

    I think I might have to move over your way, you have so much fun. No one lives around here except me. Well, people do live here, just not the blogging/crafty ones.

    The black and white fabric - I like the swallows and the deer in it. Im into swallows at the mo. Ive started collecting little bird figurines, you know, like your mamma used to have.


  8. Two girls sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag huh? Wonder who your niece's bad influence was? Someone should tell her mother on her :)
    Hope you have a great evening Cindy!
    Jodie (with an ie)

  9. What a fun day indeed. Love the yarn colors, they look like sherbert. yummy!
    I like your new tradition of getting into Mansion attics. Love that! Especially because it just happens. LOL!

    I used to go down the steps in sleeping bags but I think they were a cotton material not satiny. Accident waiting to happen.

    Yes write a letter, make a call - you never know what you'll get.

    I love hearing - reading about your adventures....Who knew 'yarn crafting' had so many options and activities. I love it.

  10. Oh crap! Jodie with an ie!! Mighta been your kid with her kid doin the stairs! I forgot about that! But guess what they said? When Theresa made them stop they said, "why? We did it on New Years Eve and no one said anything!" Ahhheeemmmmm

    Cindy Bee

  11. Fi...My mamma never had any swallows or any other such thing. She is NOT a collector, at all. As a matter of fact, she is such a neat freak I told her there was meds she could take for that! It's called OCD! Hey next time we go out I'll give you a call and you can go with us!

    Cindy Bee


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