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Friday, March 16, 2012

Last day of Vegas trip.

Law people I just can't get caught up. I think the three hour time difference between Las Vegas and here, and the Daylight Savings time change here, and the late nights in Vegas and the early nights here are about to do me in. I'm tired. Anyway, this is the last of our vacay pics. I know, it's like home movies from the good ole' days but I use this blog as a journal and it's my blog, so phhhbbbttt...home movies here we go!

So here is our limo waiting for us to go to the Penn and Teller show.

They were telling everyone to come on stage before the show started, and inspect this box. So my cousin Jamie (who just turned 50 and the reason we were in Vegas celebrating his birthday) and I went on stage. I took a pic of him inside this box. Then he said, "Here give me the camera and let me take a picture of you on stage." OK.....he takes the pic, looks at it and kind of laughs. I didn't think anything about it, but when we got back to our seats I looked at the pic.

Seriously? Jeeeeeeeez.....this is the picture he took. Can't even tell I'm on stage Dude. The Penn & Teller show was really good. It is a magic show and a bit of comedy too. I would recommend it.

Sunday was our last day there and My Shug and I decided to go for another walk. I can't remember if this was inside Bellagio or Caesars Palace. I think it was in the shopping area of Bellagio.

Those are stores and eateries along the water front.

The architecture and artwork in the places are amazing.

Look under the clamshell...


If you ever go to Vegas, go to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Not so much for the shopping, but for the ambiance.

And you always have these characters hanging out all along the strip. You give them a tip to get your picture taken with them.

Have you ever seen a mini-Elvis? I think we saw around four Elvis Presley's out there. Huuu-that'sallottaElvis!

Now this is Hwy 465. It's four lanes and during the day, bumper to bumper. This was around 12:30 - 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I have NEVER seen it so empty.....EVAH. And I've been on it at this time before. We were afraid the rapture came while we were gone. Think about it...this would be the Bible Belt and we were in Sin City. I'm glad to get back to normal.

And now I want to get caught up on your blogs. And I have a fun blog story to tell you....later.

Cindy Bee

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  1. Cindy, I just now found this post...funny. You have a sense of humor. I laughed out loud when I read what you said about ,can't even tell you are on stage.I saw that little Elvis:):) Smiles, xo, Susie


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