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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trip - Day 2

This is where we stayed. Brenda commented that she went to Vegas years ago, and walked the entire length of the strip. I did too, but that was years ago. The casinos are so big now that some of them are the size of a small town. Each casino has a theme.

This is inside Bellagio.

They have a conservatory and almost every thing is made from plant life.

Including this Monet.



Even the honey bees!

And this swan...

and her babe!

I was looking for some spent poppy heads for the seeds but they are just too neat in this place. I couldn't find any. Ok, fess up, how many of you go on vacation and help the town with deadheading their plants? I know I'm not the only one.

Yummo chocolate store right outside of the conservatory.

I drooled a lot but didn't have any.

This is just a part of the world's largest chocolate fountain. It went way up to the ceiling, which was very high up, but it was hard to get a good picture through the glass window. This is just the bottom half of it. mmm mmmmm

At the Paris casino you can go up in the Eiffel tower.

We walked this tree lined street every day. It's fun to visit the casinos in Vegas just to see their statuary, gardens, restaurants, shopping area, pools, etc.

Inside Caesars Palace

These statues actually come to life and there is a story told by them with a laser show. It's awesome.

So, here we all are on our way to see Pawn Stars. Everyone is giving me the "L"oser sign. Remember when I told you I am not a gambler. Well, here's what happened. There were three "Monopoly" slot machines open. I had my pick. I sat down at one of them, put in a $20.00 bill. It was a penny machine, however, you can bet up to 30 lines at a time. I was betting 30 lines x 1 cent. A lady came up beside me, sat down and bet 5 lines and after about five pulls (they don't really pull them anymore, you push a button) she won $330.00! Then another lady came up and sat down at the machine beside her, and won $335.00! All the while I'm losing my $20.00. I gave them those machines! I had my pick remember! At that point I said I quit. I did play a little more since that was just the FIRST day there, but not much. I found out that I come home with more money by just not spending it.

We are in a limo...btw

and heading to the not so great part of town. This is our limo driver and they had him wait on us in the parking lot!

I didn't think about this until just now, but I wonder if the people waiting in this huge long line thought we were the Pawn Star people when we pulled up in a limo. ha ha...we just be peeps getting in the back of that same long line! Funny. We found out they were filming at the time which is why we couldn't go in. The line moved pretty quickly when they finished filming.

But when we finally did get in, we did not see any of the Pawn star guys.

The whole fam damily!

That night we went to a very nice steak house called The Strip House. It's in Planet Hollywood.

The boys

The girls

The whole family again.

That's my cousin Johnny on the left with his wife Lori.

Then Me, Mary. She's Jamie's wife, who is also my cousin and he is sitting next to her. Then there's my Shug on the right.

We were all quite full after this meal.

We had a seafood appetizer that was two layers...(why didn't I take pics of the food - dangit)

Several sides (everything is a la carte here)

And steak.

Total $730.00 for the six of us. Remember...I said I was with my cousin on the other side of the tracks. My Shug and I ate at the sandwich shop the rest of the time!

Cindy Bee


  1. I was thrilled to see your photos at Bellagio!! We went there the last of February to see The year of the dragon display and it was AMAZING!! I wish we could go every 3 months to see what they have. We may drive down again in May as we have a nephew getting married an hour from Vegas. Thanks again, I am glad you had a fabulous time. Pushing a button to gamble just isn't as much fun as it used to be when you could hear the chink, chink of money.

  2. Oh Cindy, What a fun time you must have had. I would love to that little park , you walked in. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Smiles , xo, Susie(She Junks)

  3. You all look like your having fun! I play 20.00 when it is gone it is gone. We have a ton of casinos here in Michigan ran by our native Americans and hubs and I will stop in when we are on vacation if there is one close. He is not a gambler either so we go in play our 20.00 each while we have a drink and hit the road. Last time I won enough to buy a really nice dinner out. Not anything near the price of yours though. I am talking around 80.00...That is really going out for us.

  4. I am glad you had fun and a nice break away from things....I like the gardens

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    You got ammo with NRA- JEB BUSH and CLINTON?
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    And now it's all HOLLYWOOD.


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