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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring has sprung!

I'm going to be gone for a few days...but before I go I gotta shout it out!

I'm just sure of it!
The crocuses are up. They aren't open because it's early in the morning. They open when it warms up....

The tulips are coming up....
I've heard robins singing the last two mornings....twiddluuh twiddluuh twiddluh
The termites have swarmed. Yes they swarm. And they swarmed three weeks early. I heard it on the news.
The sand hill cranes have already migrated north a couple of weeks ago.
I've seen ants in the house - ack!
And I've gone outside barefoot!

And I think my bee hives survived the winter. I'll know more next week.
But for now, I must make haste! I've places to go, things to see!

Oh and guess why I'm making ravioli...

To celebrate my trip to Italy!
More on that later....and no I'm not going to Italy today.

See ya Monday.
Cindy Bee

PS - Please keep my MIL in your prayers. She was taken to the hospital last night for bronchitis.


  1. Wow, sounds you've been having fun days !!!
    And it looks sooooo yummy ---- !!! p(^o^)q"""

  2. Spring has sprung here too. Does it seem early or is it just me. You're going to Italy, I can't wait to here more about when and where. S and I did that 4 yrs ago for our 50th birthdays. Fabulous time in Tuscany area. Keep us all posted.

  3. Isn't it a lovely feeling when you see the bulbs coming up and can spend more time in the garden. I think I'll pass on the termites though!!

    Hope you have a relaxing break despite your MIL's illness and come back refreshed and with loads of photos to show us!

  4. It is warming up here in the north also. Still have some piles of snow but a lot of mud too. Italy??? Hope MIL will not have to stay long in the hospital.

  5. Cindy, Take care and have fun. your ravioli looks good girl. Smiles, xo, Susie

  6. Your ravioli looks very yummy, have a great time in Italy and good wishes for your mil x

  7. Have fun on your trippty trip!!! I'll try to check in on mr.Dixie doodle and sir Winston.

  8. Hi Cindy Bee,I wish I had more bulbs. The only bulbs I have are a couple daffodils.Hugs Cheri

  9. Aww you lucky girl you! Italy!! Sounds wonderful.

    Prayers for you MIL. xoxo

  10. Ahhhh, Spring. And Im glad to hear that you think the hives have survived. That must be a relief.

    So, if you havent gone to Italy, Dear Cindy, where have you gone.?


  11. Ohhhhhh Spring is so in the air here. I slept with the windows open. And walked outside BAREFOOT to get the dogs.
    Where are you going? Dont be gone long. We wanna hear more about Italy!


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