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Monday, April 2, 2012

Groovy Girl Art yarn and my Summer Fun Purse?

OK - So yesterday was Groovy Girl Art's opening day and I wish all of you could have joined us. It was fun. As the Groovy Girl herself, was showing me some Vintage yarn, I explained that I would love to have this yarn...

so I could make one of these....

but what colors would I need? The CCC (crochet color consultant) aka Groovy Girl, showed me.

Well now that you put it that way....Write me up! I love this Vintage yarn. Vintage being the brand name, not the age of the yarn!

BUT I'm not starting another bag, or blanket, until I finish the one(s) I've started. They are too close to being finished.

Remember this one?

It's the 2nd Lucy (Attic 24) bag I've done. The first one was just too big for me. Then, a couple of weeks ago I posted how I had to rip this one out. (sigh)

When I first made the bottom of the bag, I cut a pattern from freezer paper because I knew I wanted to line the bag. I figured it would be easier to have the pattern on paper before I started crocheting the sides of the bag.

I bought this sheet at a garage sale last weekend for one dollar and I decided it would be the perfect lining for this bag.

BUT! When I went to sew in the lining....I couldn't get to my sewing machine! I had started packing up this room...then stopped to do other things....and never got back to it.

I trudged my way through....and then decided I needed to put in a couple of jeans pockets in that lining.

I stitched away and got the lining finished. I finished tucking in the bits and pieces and put the flowers on it at Groovy Girl Art studio while chatting with friends. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun place to hang out (and buy yarn!).

And I know some of you are saying...but what about the other bag. See the difference in size?

I might just carry the smaller one as a summer fun purse! I don't know what I'll do with the larger one....FROG it maybe?

Ta Daaah!

Cindy Bee


  1. Definitely don't frog it! My Mum made one which was way too big for a bag - she gave it to me and I keep yarn in it. It looks really pretty filled up with a heap of yarn and sitting on a shelf.

  2. What Crafty Mumma said! Just think of all the yarn you can put in it. :o) Hope Jayne did well on her first day!

  3. I love your yarn....You are gonna be busy

  4. Love your crochet bag! Don't frog the other one - I'm sure you'll find a use for it soon!

  5. Cindy, You are so clever...I love those pockets inside. Too cute. All those colors that your friend showed you were yummy. I am thinking of taking my daughter Kathy there when she visits again. She's really the only daughter that loves to crafts or sew like me. I have seen big old mean bubble bees around here...yikes. Big as a hummingbird, no kidding. Smiles to you, xo, Susie

  6. Love you number two bag. I would keep them both! Like everyone else said you could use it to carry around your projects. Or maybe you need one that big to take everything you want near you on the plane. My friend and I packed a smaller bag in the bottom of our big totes last year. Well actually she carried a backpack, I took a newly sewn large tote.


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