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Monday, April 30, 2012

Crochet and Biscoff!

Every time I get a few minutes, I've been working on this blanket. I have one more color to go on the border, then I probably need to figure out what border I'm going to use for the last go around, then I'm done. My Shug and I have noticed, that anytime this dog sees a home made anything, he is on it.

And I took the advice of a friend who commented that I need to stick with one big project, and work on smaller things in between, but not to start another big project. I remembered seeing some coasters somewhere, but I couldn't remember where I saw the pattern.

It looks something like this, but the petals were more defined.

I fiddled around but I just couldn't get it. Then I remembered, it was in an issue of Mollie Makes.

I've been looking for it again, and I can't find it to save my life.

But what I did, was use the middle of the pattern I made up when I was playing around, and then some of the pattern I saw in the magazine, or on the blog, (wherever I saw it) and now, I've made several of them.

Quick, easy, and fun.

I gave my cousin Vickie a set for her birthday.

I want to make some for myself. I

I made a smaller one so I can stack them and use them for embellishing as well. So that's what I've been up to. Finishing!

And bummer....I bought a pack of Biscoff for our Italy trip...just gotta have Biscoff when on a plane....

My Shug found them.

Ciao, (did I spell that right?)

Cindy Bee


  1. Your dog obviously has taste!!!

  2. I love Biscoff's too! And my Hubby also always find things we are saving for another time! When is the trip? I know its approaching soon!

  3. Cindy, You call that a fiddling project??? I see another blanket taking shape ,LOL. You can never hide things from husbands, they has snack radar. Honestly :):)Smiles, Susie

  4. you should get some more.. I like the coasters

  5. Hi Cindy bee I know what your friend means about stick to one project but I like a bunch going on once.I am 90 percent done with 3 projects! Lol

  6. Great idea for making smaller ones for embellishing! You are such a thinker and creative one!

    Puppy is happy - isn't that what it's all about...LOL!


  7. Love how your afghan is taking shape, seems like the pooch does too!

  8. OMG ------------- !!!
    When I see you next time, I would LOVE to learn this crochet from YOU... p(^o^)q""""
    AWESOME !!!

  9. Nice, colorful coasters! That is a nice afghan, too. The pooch has good taste.


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