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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting ready for Easter

I had a lovely visit from some of my cousins on Tuesday.
Gloria, Troy, Diane, and Annette. They wanted to see the house progress.
(I have lots of cousins)

And I've been preparing for Easter.

Have you ever heard of stock? It's a very old-fashioned flower and not easily found here. I love it. And I found it awhile back at Horton's during their Spring Open House. Love it!

I also planted a few pansies. I thought these would look nice on the tables.

We aren't have Easter dinner at our house this year. We're having dessert and the egg hunt at our house in the country. We're have dinner at Mom & Dad's, and they live about ten minutes from us.

So, we cleared the path through the woods...

and I added a few surprises.

I got them last fall at a garage sale

for 50cents to 1.00 each.

It was a great deal. Today I'm going to make some of those paper flowers and I promised a blogger I'd post on it, so check back later.

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow, it seems all you had a good time with Gloria mom and Troy,Diane, and Annete.
    I am glad mom got better, and Troy was also there with you all. (^o^)/"""

  2. nice pics of us:::we enjoyed our visit and impressed with what has been done:::for me I have seen the early stages::::so much work has been put into the project:::but going to be super when done
    enjoy Easter
    cuz gloria

  3. so cute! the knomes...
    I love my cousins and wish they all lived closer.
    Happy Easter my Friend!

  4. Hi Cindy Bee,Nice pictures of a nice family! I love all your
    Easter decorations,Happy Easter Hugs Cheri


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