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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I got my old interface back!

I stopped by Groovy Girl yarn store for a little while because I needed her advice on a border with my blanket that I AM FINISHING! And she got this yarn in.....YUM.
the picture does not do it justice.

Wonder what I could make with it. Something small, cuz it's a tad expensive. But YUM!
It is nice.

And while she was giving me all this great advice on a border.,,,

(these are just sneak peaks!)

she showed me how to use my old Blogger Interface!!!!

WOOHOOO!!!! I just don't have time to learn change right now. I'm preparing for a trip to Italy. (Yes Julie, you missed a post. My sister and I are taking our parents to Italy. And really, we aren't 'taking them' but they probably wouldn't go if we didn't go too.) I got yards to take care of and bees to keep and a house to build and dogs to attend to and dinner to cook! I do not have time to learn anything else besides Chow, Bonjourno, Grasseous, and Prego (which is not the sauce, it's please or thank you.... or something)

And I got a lot of posting to catch up on and I think I'm gonna do a special Italy blog just for fun. Why not? It's an adventure. Maybe I'll get my sister to do a post or two too.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh, if we lived closer I could have should you how to revert back to the old! Love the yarn!...:)JP

  2. well Cindy bee, I don't mind you doing an Italy blog, as long as you still talk to me on this one, ; )
    Hey, I can talk Italian - fettucine, spaghetti, ravioli.....


  3. Cindy, You are a lucky duck. I think it will be the best fun for you to see Italy. My gosh you better get a new memory stick for your have got to take lots of photos. I love your bedspread.. such pretty colors.Smiles, xo, Susie

  4. Cindy, Congrats on your interface thingy....

    Ok what date is the Italy info on? I searched but this is the only blogpost tagged with Italy.

    I'm sooooo happy for you and your family going to Italy, Its the only European country I'm interested in (and I'm 100% Irish).

    yes Love that yarn and yey you...finishing a project!


  5. The yarn is great! Glad to see you could get a post up and I will be following you where ever you go. Do you have a laptop? Don't you want to post daily while you are gone so we can feel as though we are traveling with you. You know Susan Branch does.....she is going to blog while on her sea trip to England and her visits there. Just saying...Just pulling your leg Bee Lady we will look forward to all the pics when you get back. When do you leave?

  6. Happy you got your interface back. I use windows live writer. Even if blogger changes, the way I write my posts stays the same.

    Useful Italian words no one teaches you:

    Me despiache - I'm sorry
    Basta - that's enough, I'm done, or stop
    Voray - I would like. Great for shopping.

    I love Italy, have a great time :)

  7. Okay,
    I cannot let this go by without commenting/correcting...
    Graci-a... Thank you are welcome
    Pronto is how you answer the telephone...
    come on those are essential for your trip...
    and I love the yarn and can't wait to see what you're going to do with it...

  8. Thanks JP - I'm just glad someone could show me...It was stressing me out!

    Well T&T-I probably won't do an Italy blog. I don't need one more thing to do. I barely keep up with the house blog right now. I'll just intermix it all in this one. Great job on the ITalian language. I appreciate the help!

    Susie - thanks, and yes I am getting a couple more cards for my camera, and batteries. I hate it when I (or someone else) goes to take a picture and the battery is dead!

    Ok Julie - maybe I'm not the best when it comes to the label tag thingys, I'll try to do better. Here's the post

    If I had a choice between Ireland and Italy I'd have a hard time choosing. Hmmmm, wine or beer....I choose both!

    Brenda - If I weren't already having a hard time with the packing, I'd love to take my laptop. But I have to pack very very light because we are going to have to drag our luggage on and off trains. It'll be a challenge, packing light that is. I'm going to start May 1!

    rugosarosefarm - Thanks for the info! I'm guessing you've been there. I'm a bit nervous about going. I've never had to use a passport before!

    Granny Bee - I wondered what drug you out of your no commenting shell!! LOL! You know I was kidding around. I have my Italy day by day book right beside my computer. ANd I didn't buy the yarn, I am trying to figure out what to make with it before I do.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Wow Italy is going to be fantastic with your parents and your sister it is going to be incredible. Do blog about your trip. Good luck if you do mobile blogging my attempt was a failure:)
    I love that yarn.
    I just did the train thing and yes pack light forget the laptop you will wish you had packed lighter after hauling stuff on and off a train. I did not take one but was seriously thinking of leaving clothes at different ports LOL

    I am excited for you. B

  10. Italy how nice. I hope I get to live via your trip to Italy in Pictures? I am looking forward to it. When you come back and are finally settled in Come and visit me. I am a newer blogger and would love your visit.


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